The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks



I’m completely shocked that we’re seeing this sort of behavior from the party of family values!

The charges stem from a May incident when Williams reported that his campaign office was burglarized. Williams’ campaign manager said then that $300,000 worth of computers used to mine cryptocurrency was taken.


Holy crap, so not only outright fraud, but he was a crypto miner as well? That’s a huge red flag in itself.


Mining using campaign resources, almost certainly. Certainly campaign office space.




Some minor good news from Michigan:

Snyder has no political future, after the Flint water disaster, and thus seemed to be willing to take a stand against these particular terrible ideas. He’s still a business first oligarch who was only too happy to stiff the common worker, but at least he kept Michigan slightly ahead of Wisconsin in state government terribleness.


Your daily reminder:





I… huh.

Who hacked Ann? Because that is not what I expected.

I literally have no idea how to process that from her.


Before you know it someone will post a video of Ann dancing joyfully to ‘Monster Mash’ when she was a teenage vampiress.


There’s a huge weird disconnect between the culture-war-PWN-THE-LIBS GOP base/talk radio/Limbaugh/Coulter/Breitbart right and the “GOP Elite” like the national GOP leadership and their massively wealthy donors. The GOP base is actually open to the idea of being fiercely anti-corporate and anti-wealth in the name of protecting the “true Americans”. However, they do not make common cause with liberals for… reasons. It’s also very superficial and doesn’t carry any weight of committment. But, the talk radio right will slam the wealthy and big corporations on occasion. It’s just an example of how the GOP base is a cultural/racial/tribal entity, not one based on conservative principals or economic ideology.

As an example, I knew a hardcore right wing guy a couple years back who hated Wall Street, and was also convinced that Wall Street was dominated by Democrats.

If there is a true schism to be found in the GOP, it’s much more likely IMO to be this kind of faultline: a true populist/anti-corporate/white-america-first asshole (a bizarro Trump figure who unlike Trump is not lying about his populism) versus the corporate/wealth/McConnell wing, than it is to be found between genteel pro-wealth types like Romney versus crude pro-wealth conmen like Trump (although Trump’s love of the adoration of the crowd makes him a transient intermittent populist at times, compounded by the fact he is an ignorant fool; his stance on trade being an example of his bastardized form of populism).

Note: just to clarify I am not praising the “populist right” or suggesting we liberals make common cause with them; they are dangerous idiots and racist or comfortable associating with racists. However, there is definitely a faultline there, a much more pronounced breakpoint than the Never Trump breakpoint Timex tends to focus on. I wish Timex were right and there was a meaningful chance for a meaningful chunk of the GOP to move to less insane-conservativism but I think the more likely breakpoint will be in a populist/fascist direction. Keep in mind, the Nazis were the National Socialist party; although we categorize them as right wing, they were the populist flavor of right wing, not the elitist flavor (at least in theory).


It’s all part of the same victim culture.
Their sad lot in life is everyone else’s fault. Rich people. Black people. Gay people. Muslims. Immigrants.


Well they got one of ‘em right.


Great story about the rising public misogyny of the Republican establishment.

Rising only publicly though. It’s always been there.


Go back to the early Arkansas days and they were demonizing Hillary for keeping her last name. It’s kind of interesting to see how all this hatred towards her evolved and how the central issue seems to be that she’s a woman that doesn’t know her place.

I agree with you, like racism it’s always been there, Trump has just peeled back the thin veneer they covered it with.


This is the source of all the contempt and anger from the right. They all think the world used to be better when women and minorities all “knew their place.” Everyone who says stupid shit like “I’m OK with gay people, but why do they have to shove it in my face?” is one good example of this. The outrage over kneeling during the anthem is another.

Not coincidentally, this is why so many alt-righters admire places like Poland and Russia. They see how those countries still subjugate women, dark skinned people, and gays, and wish they could get away with that here.


They should move to Chechnya.


They could start their own new colony there. Call it Tea Town, or Freedom Town. I’d wish them well.