The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks


Rick Wilson apparently went on MSNBC and called CPAC an “incel dance party”.


Just to chime in, you can mute a site indefinitely in Chrome by right-clicking on the tab name and picking ‘mute site’. It’ll stay like that permanently until you unmute it. I think that’s standard Chrome functionality at least, unless I have it from an add-in that I can’t remember.


I was curious. I went to the website and the speaker list is quite diverse. I mean there are a LOT of women and many black people. I was actually shocked by how many. It’s like they’re trying to 1-up the democrats.

I can’t imagine how they can reconcile it, unless it’s immigration or guns or abortion that’s keeping them on that side.


Hey, the Pawn Stars guy is at the top of that list. He must have a friend that knows a lot about PACs.


I’d like to laugh and say that’s hilarious… but damn if it isn’t true.



Money. It’s money. Right now, being a woman or a member of a minority group who is willing to shill for Conservatives and the GOP pays very well. You get paid to go on Conservative radio and TV talk shows, paid for appearances as an “expert” when hot takes are needed on FOX, paid for public appearances at Conservative and GOP fundraisers and functions, and if you’re out there circulating enough and making a good enough impression, you could end up like Laura Ingraham or Judge Jeanine Pirro or David Webb, all of whom have created quite a lucrative career for themselves being the voices/faces that “prove” Conservatives and the GOP aren’t misogynist or racist.


Probably should put this in the Technical stuff forum - Firefox buried their mechanism to block autoplay videos, but it is still there. See


Welcome to Fox News.


Well, then.


Are they cheering being cursed by a ghost?


Forget it, Timex. It’s CPACtown.


Might as well just rename themselves the Trump Party and then go ahead and denounce the ghost of the Republican party, too.


Molly Jong-Fast got dis-invited after one day. “My ticket had been rescinded. My $80 refunded. No explanation. No nothing.”

The podcast yesterday did a lot of poking fun at CPAC too, from both the Bulwark’s usual conservatives and some guest libertarians.


Molly got disunited from the Turning Point party but is still at CPAC having a delightful time. She’s tweeting about it (mollydoesCPAC) and may not make it through.



What a horrible cap to a dismal performance by State.


Trump is a heartless scumbag. But I guess we already knew that.


It’s not even just heartless scumbaggery - he frigging had the kid’s parents at the state of the union.



So … this happened;