The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks


He’s obviously not guilty of a thing that is totally made up. That’s a fake word, duh.


A potentially bigger thing, if Trump’s attorney’s edited a document with the intention of Cohen delivering false statements to congress.

That would mean that the lawyers themselves were conspiring to commit a crime, which invalidates attorney client privilege.




Agree. It’s hard to believe they were so dumb as to do this, but that’s what we often think about crimes after the fact, so maybe so.



Not saying they can’t show those things, but this appears to be the required legal standard.


More of the usual bullshit. All this criminal activity swirling around the guy and he’s just blissfully unaware of it all. What an unlucky dude, employing and surrounded by all these people that turned out to be bad hombres.


He’s really just an exceptionally stupid and petty mob boss. He tries to keep plausible deniability in the same way mob bosses do. I’m betting his incompetence in this area will shine through, however, as it does in every other aspect of his life.


Say hello to Iranian Hillary

Also, mind those road signs when you’re driving through the middle of the brush!


I like that they’re standing on the flag as he prays. But he really should be hugging it.



Interesting, since DJT is the one in cahoots with Russia, Suadi Arabia, and even China. I love how these Trump porn ‘artists’ always remove a solid 100lbs from DJT. And praying – that’s high comedy.



The hero-worship of Trump is just… weird. Did my own bubble blind me to similar propaganda with Obama? Were there people treating him as some kind of Divinity, and I just didn’t see it?


The same people who liked Obama were also allowed to criticize his actions and sometimes specific behaviors. It wasn’t a cult. It still isn’t. He wasn’t portrayed as a demagogue.


Yeah… that’s how I remember it, too. I can’t remember any Democratic politician being treated as a sort of God-King. I was wondering if I just missed it, though. I know I live in a bit of a bubble as well.

But I suspect it’s just that the GOP has some really strange and disturbing undercurrents of authoritarianism mixed up with what they think is religion.


There was definitely some Obama kitsch around. I think this, or something like it, was one:

How fringe that bunch were compared to our Trump painter friend above, I can’t say with any authority, but I would venture to guess that there are (by an order of magnitude) more people in the cult-of-personality tank for Trump than there were for Obama.


Maybe he should do a painting of DJT wiping his ass on the Constitution.


Can’t wait till I never have to see or hear this harpy ever again.


I’m not terribly concerned by the Republican Salicious Crumb at this point.