The "How Is Jeff Pinard Doing Today?" Thread, feat. @jpinard

I figured we all needed a place to bother @jpinard by pinging him to let us know how he’s doing today after his COVID diagnosis. Keep us posted, Jeff. We’re all worried for you and want to know how you’re doing. Plus, Pathfinder isn’t going to play itself!


Thanks for posting this, Tom, as I can’t keep up with the Coronavirus thread.

Jeff, hope you’re finding the help and treatment you need! We’re all here for you in whatever way a group of middle-aged overly-plugged-in nerds flung far and wide across the world can be!

I’m sorry it’s not a better update. My O2 is down to 90%, it’s gotten so painful to breathe I can’t fully inflate my lungs. There were no slots open for monoclonal antibodies today. So I may have missed the window for it to be effective. They’re still going to try and give them to me tomorrow even if it’s past effective date. It is ironic that all the slots this weekend were taken by unvaccinated people.

I can’t sleep at night, so I’m not sure what’s up with that. Also my feet randomly feel like they’ve been lit by a match and are in fire.

I’m going to hope that a single day will not be an issue for the antibodies. Good luck, JP!

Stay strong mr. jpinard. I am with you, the frogs need his keeper :D

Oh man… :( sorry to hear that Jeff. Really hope the antibodies are effective! Hang in there!

Stay strong Jeff. You’re one of the toughest people I’ve ever known! I’m sorry the world is full of uneducated morons that are making an already awful situation even worse for you. Ugh. I’ll be thinking of you!

Are you scared Jeff? I would be. In fact, I am. I want you to be ok so badly. You deserve a fucking break man. Perhaps beating the 'rona and coming off with no damage might be yours? Here’s to hope.

@tomchick Thanks for opening this thread. Jeff himself would be way too modest to do such a thing himself ;-)

Infuriating would have been the word I used, but you are a better man than I. Thank you for the update.

Come on Jeff, you can beat this. After everything that’s been thrown at you, you are massively overlevelled for this boss! Don’t forget to equip your Blade of Fortutiude +12, your Armor of Resilience +15, and your Boots of Speed +20 to get through this as fast and painlessly as possible. The rest of your QT3 party will be casting all the buffs for as long as you need them.

Stay strong. It’s not ironic. It’s a tragedy. Fuck the unvaccinated. *(usual disclaimers apply)

Criminal. If they were unvaccinated by choice, that is.

Hang tough JP

Thanks for the update, Jeff. I know I speak for a lot of us when I say you should use this thread to grouse, complain, bemoan, or just babble about what’s going on. We all want to know how you’re doing and it makes us feel a lot better when you’re posting! :)

I can understand how restless you must be. Do you feel like watching anything? Do you need recommendations for something to binge on while you wait for the next available treatment? I think you should watch Copshop if you feel up to a fun movie! Have you ever seen Fleabag? It’s very bingable because there are only a few short episodes.

Be tough, my friend. And make sure to keep pushing to get the help you need. We’re all rooting for you.


Wishing you a quick recovery Jeff, perhaps your feet require the cooling waters of the frop bog?

Jeff, get well man. Those frogs need a friend to prep them for winter after all.

My binge recommendation is The Repair Shop on Netflix. Placid British craftspeople carefully fixing old heirlooms.

Definitely thinking about you Jeff and hope you pull through!

Jeff, you got this! As for binge watching, I am a fan of something simple and a bit formulaic when I am feeling under. Bob’s Burgers or Star Gate SG-1. Or Atlantis.

Feel better soon and kick some Corona Viral ass!