The inevitable thread for Qt3 Solium Infernum multiplayer matches!

We had a lot of fun with the original back at Gone Gold. Who’s in? I think we’re limited to 6. I can set it up, and set it to 1 day maximum to get a turn in, if that works for everyone.

Still fooling around in the tutorial, but it’s all coming back to me.

I’m definitely in. I just need to buy the game first.

I’m still in the tutorial as well, but I figure my best chance is to play before everyone learns the intricacies I probably never will.

Beat me to it tgb! :D

I’m definitely in.

We could use 3 more. Then we’ll reach a consensus on map, game length, and frequency of PoPs

I’m Geggis’ brother. I’m in!

This is me, as well.

Should we count you and Rothda in for the first game?

I’d hold off for me until I report back. :-)

Tunnel vision almost made me post “I’m Geggis’ brother” too.

Welcome, GeggisBro!

So right now we have myself, bolouski, geggis, PersistentWorld, and possibly Rothda.

Just need 1 or 2 more

I, too, would be interested in joining a game!

But I, too, need a little time to actually (re-)learn the game. So can I call dibbs on a slot with the understanding that I’ll be ready to go when the game is filled?

Definitely Rothda! I just gave Steam the 33 Ichor and 99 Darkness needed to get a copy.

Hey, how many brothers is Geggis bringing??? Is it like a Von Erich situation?

Welcome, @PersistentWorld! Looking forward to seeing you in hell, if you know what I mean. :)

With you it’s filled. Are you good to go?

I am good to go (i.e. ready to frantically read encyclopedia entries while weighing what two things to do each turn)!

OK, so it’s myself, Tom, Rothda, bolouski, geggis, and PersistentWorld,

I’m headed out to my Friday Bridge game, but will set everything up when I get back. In the meantime what are everyone’s thoughts on map size, game length, and PoPs?

I think we should play a standard length game on a large map, since the maps seem pretty small to begin with. Also occasional PoPs, since that will get us into the backstabbing a bit earlier, I think.

Sounds good. Thanks for arranging it tgb!

I’ll defer to more informed suggestions on game setup. Thanks for setting this up tgb.