The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

More thoughtful analysis than Tommy has ever done

(Really good article) Covers every aspect except for the biggest flaw being Tommy Tallarico and the weird parasocial personality cult of reality-deniers.

There are well connected industry rumours that Blizzard was their second choice for Microsoft to acquire and they were originally in negotiations with Tommy Tallarico for Intellivision.

People are saying…

LOLOL. But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tricked some other company to buy them out.

What? You don’t want Intellivision’s stable of valuable game properties like Biplanes, Log and Running: The Sequel to Jogging?

# Completely Unnecessary Podcast

Pat and Ian at 27min mark

I’m sure Intellivision CFO Nick Richards would love an “exit” via acquisition. Too bad they drove the brand’s reputation into the ground over the last 3 years.

Some developers have been quite blatant about it. ;-)


Limbo of the Lost - Wikipedia.

It might happen, but generally not from anyone you’d respect or want to buy from.

Yea, you can do it, then lose your business because of it. LOL

I am not behind this but some Wikipedia editors are beginning to check into and verify the noteworthiness of the records Tommy awards himself:


But… it’s your destiny!




What’s that from?

Where only “investors” can comment for Tommy to ignore

Does Terry definitely have money on Amico, or can anyone opine in there?

I’ve noticed that Tommy only answers questions that are fawning praise. Anything of substance either gets ignored, or saved for CFO Nick to clean up with the big words.

You can tell he’s an “active investor” (whatever that means?) if you login with a free Republic account and see how much others have pissed away. But it doesn’t indicate that he’s invested in Amico or if he just has a free Republic account.

Guy who’s getting his commercial rent paid has responded:


How it looks for oher people who have pissed away ($5k in this example) money on this and various other projects: