The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

It’s posts like that (BB&B???) that make me not give any benefit of doubt about them ever having thought this product would make it to market. wth, man?

Tommy just ran his mouth off for years hoping it would magically come into being.

From ExitTheDonut

Company board starts to take out large loans

CEO: “Yeah, guys! We’re doing some cool stuff!”

Hardware development halts, debt surpasses $1 million for the first time

CEO: “Yeah, guys! We’re doing some cool stuff!”

After a third delay, company accepts agreement to give $100 cut per console

CEO: “Yeah, guys! We’re doing some cool stuff!”

Its always in the back of my mind to get a gaming console while I am going down the aisles looking for bed sheets and a new toilet brush.

That chain does have weird infomercial adjacent toys and gadgets I see he might have been angling for similar kind of exposure. But usually requires a finished console and games.

His idea that the real companies “can’t” go to BBB has some real trumpy “I alone can fix it” energy.

It’s astounding that anyone at all swallowed his tripe

I’ve seen Nintendo toys and housewares at BBB.

I mean it says “Beyond” right there in the name guys jeez.

Maybe its just Canada, but the Bed, Bath and Beyonds I’ve been in around here linens, kitchenware, and housewares. I’ve not seen any toys or gaming consoles in the stores.

It’s Nintendo-licensed housewares that I’ve seen there not the primary console or its games. Amico wishes its brand wasn’t toxic with Tallarico’s lies to get licensed spin-off merch that isn’t print on demand.

What kind of psycho makes up an entire conversation with QVC?

I mean, they may have had a conversation of some kind, ie Tommy begging them to put it on TV. But to answer your question, the sort of narcissist who goes on about how companies “love my charisma and want me to be the guy on air”.


This guy.

Also check out a longer list of his lies on record:

Some of these are ridiculous.


@jpinard Have you seen this?

The amount of “executives”


Look at how pathological of a liar Tommy Tallarico is:


From ResetEra FerrisBueller:

“ My favorite of these is still the Commander Keen one, where Tommy claims it would be an “easy phone call or e-mail!” to get it on Amico because he claims he’s known Keen co-designer Tom Hall for 25+ years. Which is very likely another fib/exaggeration…if only because, at least one time in that quarter-century, Tommy probably would have picked up the fact that Hall had departed id Software in August 1993, and has absolutely zero authority to license the IP in any way.

But yeah…totally just an “easy e-mail”. To one guy. And then Commander Keen in: Aliens Ate My Footbath! is a go. That’s apparently how he thinks this works. Maybe an easy email AND an easy phone call if he really wants to go all out!”