The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Pat and Ian update dropped yesterday.

Just noticed and haven’t watched yet, but I figured others who follow this fiaso from this thread would enjoy.

Via ResetERA:

When is the Amico shipping?

Around about the same time as Star Citizen.

They’re so close to the goal.

I bought an Atari VCS last year. And it’s great. Games come out for it regularly, they are reasonably priced, the thing has a good UI and UX and it’s a fun little console to try some games out with. It was everything the Amico could have been, and the name “Atari” had a reputation for being a disaster for a while. But the VCS is really fun.

It could have been done for the Intellivision property too.

Sure — but can you name a single piece of software that isn’t available for the same price and just as good on the Nintendo Switch?

I learned about Donut Dodo from some VCS people and really liked it, but it’s the only game I can think of that was VCS first.

If the Atari VCS just costs way too much, 299$ puts it into switch price and near steam deck price, both of which are much more capable devices.

It is in a weird place where it is probably way more powerful than it needs to be, which is what drives up the price. I think if they would have gone closer to a slightly more powerful atari flashback thing, with a built in store, it would have made more sense.

I have heard it is pretty neat, but I don’t think I can justify that price when I already have a multiple other consoles.

The 2600+ is intriguing, as my 2600 is sitting in a bin without any way to connect it to a TV without doing some work.

129$ And I can play (almost) all my cartridge games? They got a paddle controller pack? I can play breakout the correct way? Sign me up.

More dumb ideas from Intellivision. Since they can’t make hardware, they will link up phones to control phone games. Reddit - Dive into anything

Oh, inane Amico people, how I’ve missed you. I’m torn that such a huge con has given me so much laughter. But then it was almost always a pretty obvious con (or at least an incredibly obvious non-starter from the begining), certainly once they got past the first round of crowdfunding after previously calling crowdfunding the devil incarnate. It’s the con that can’t stop conning and the gift that keeps on giving.

How is this still a thing? Is the fact that it’s still ‘ongoing’ keeping some of the Amico higherups out of jail or something?

That seems to be what’s happening — just stalling to run out the clock until investors and other observers lose interest.

It’s like The Producers, who would get to keep more money with a flop than a hit.

Keep it going long enough, and I think the statute of limitations would save them from jail too.

Praise the Lord!

Intellision has released Amico Home, an app for Android phones, as the company continues to struggle getting its hardware out the door.

But you’ll actually need two phones to play it - one to act as a controller, while a separate mobile device needs to have the Amico Controller app installed and be connected to the same wireless network.

Alternatively, Intellivision states the official Amico hardware controllers are compatible with the app via Bluetooth, except they haven’t been released yet and the company didn’t specify when customers can expect them.

“Releasing Amico hardware controllers to the market is a critical next step in our manufacturing strategy,” Intellivision CEO Phil Adam wrote in the announcement of Amico Home.

The company requires “additional investment” before it can begin manufacturing Amico consoles and controllers, Adam stated. While both the Amico Home and Amico Controller apps are free, games sales from Amico Home are expected to go towards manufacturing costs.

Currently Intellivision has two games, Astrosmash and Missile Command, available to purchase on the Google Play Store for £11.99 each. Adam said the company’s next goals are an iOS release of the apps and more games.


So you need to pay £11.99 and have two android phones in order to play missile command? Sounds like a good plan.

This two-phones thing combined with the cost of these ancient, primitive games sounds like someone high up in the company has shorted their stock. Except for the lack of publicly traded shares… Otherwise it’s inexplicable. Unless, maybe it doesn’t work at all, and they figure this will prevent anyone from bothering to find out?

There’s no actual company. It’s a boiler room person with Tommy and friends.