The Last Guardian (new game from Team Ico)

Yes, I know there’s a thread already, but it’s labeled Trico, the development codename.

Anyway, Gametrailers has a new developer diary from TGS (which started today – who knew?) that includes a minute or so of new footage at the end. The developer interviews are pretty fluffy, but I found them interesting nonetheless. The new footage isn’t earth-shattering either, but looks great of course.

This seems to still be pretty far away. I kind of wish they had kept it secret longer.


This was supposed to have been shown in the Sony E3 press event. It was in the montage instead. Where was it?

“The team is back in Tokyo working hard, and there are some technical difficulties that the team is focused on right now. That’s why we don’t have an update.”

When asked whether the game will definitely be released at some point for PlayStation 3, he responded, “When we have confidence in saying that, we will talk about it. But today, we are working through some engineering effort.”

Isn’t this the game where they had technical difficulties making it in to an actual game instead of a video where you watch some kid petting a gryphon? Kind of like black & white where they have a cool idea of something to do but then can’t figure out how to add gameplay to it.

I’m encouraged by the latest news on this game. They’re still working on it. Phew. It would break my heart if this got cancelled.

Maybe they have switched to Vita since PS3 is almost done with and they claim it wont be on PS4. How do Japanese game makers make any money when it takes them a decade to make a game (GT5, FF13, Last Guardian, etc…)?

4 years later, the best thread resurrection possible!

Now to see if they actually made a game or just a tech demo…

The first reviews are in. So far, a bit more positive than I expected. Given the troubled development history and the somewhat unenthusiastic TGS previews, I figured there’d be more 7s.

So far it seems it has the same failings and achievements as Ico and SotC. Basically very similar systems and design on a new shiny engine.

I can’t wait to try it out!!!

I’ve waited this long, so I don’t mind waiting a little longer as I play through my Black Friday purchases first. Once I get through those 11 games, I’ll be ready for some Last Guardian. The glowing review at Eurogamer has me feeling very good. I think I’ll connect with this game in a way I did with Ico, and not be left out like I felt with Shadow of the Colossus.

Don’t see many threads that get two necro bumps. I’m interested to see how this turns out, as someone who loved Ico and kind of liked Shadow of the Colossus. Doubt I’ll ever actually play this, but still really interested.

Be aware that the best way to play the game is on a Pro with the 1080p resolution set before starting the game. Or you’ll be dealing with some very uneven frame rates, down to near single digits:

Those of you waiting to treat yourself to a Pro, this might be your impetus, or a good reason to wait a bit to get the game.


That’s a good point. I was figuring I’d get the game for my PS4 eventually, but might as well wait until I have a PS4 Pro down the road instead and experience a smoother version of it.

The performance reports are pretty damning. There is no reason this should not work perfectly on the PS4. Nothing i’ve seen justifies this. This does not look anything like watch dogs 2 or witcher 3. It just stinks of hilariously bad optimization.

Technology problems were reportedly the reason that the game was put on ice a while ago since even Sony’s best devs couldn’t get it to run well on PS3. Whatever ended up getting shelved certainly was hardcore optimized for the Cell architecture. I’d guess Sony tried to salvage as much as they could without fully overhauling the engine after reviving it…

I know, right?!

Weren’t their previous games quite the slideshow also?

Ico ran fine on PS2. Shadow of the Colossus didn’t perform as well. They have only made two games before this.

Sony probably realized they could either release it or can it and when they looked at how much they had sunk into it already, figured they may as well get it out there. I mean, there really aren’t that many exclusives anymore but they definitely do help sell systems. This one is unique so I think that made it important to the system’s success to make it available.

And now they finally have a ps4 pro exclusive to hand to their marketing team as well.