The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Anybody watching this Amy Sherman-Palladino comedy-drama set in late 50s New York about a Jewish housewife who decides to become a stand-up comic? It’s on Amazon Prime. Watched the first episode last night and it was hilarious. Great casting too, especially Rachel Brosnahan as Midge, Tony Shalhoub as her father, and Alex Borstein as Susie. My wife and I really had a blast with this one and looking forward to watching more.

The cast gets even better when Kevin Pollack shows up.

Yeah, saw he was on the list. And it is “Pollak” by the way.

Ohhhh, a comedy huh? We’ll have to try it. Thanks!

I liked this one too, it gave me early-season Mad Men flashbacks.

Is this just the pilot or did they make a full season?

Amazon ordered two full seasons off the pilot. The first season released a few days ago.

Wait, it’s like Mad Men?

Interest level…falling…falling…

I watched two episodes. I have mixed thoughts about it. The first episode felt like it set up promises that the remainder of the show would not fulfill. I was much more interested in seeing a woman fight her way through the trials of establishing a stand-up comedy career than watching her fight through family expectations. The comedy bits have an authenticity to them that the drama lacks. She seems fake and insulated from reality in her “perfect” family life that just doesn’t feel right to me. The stand-up part we see her working at, via proxy in that first episode, and that feels legit.

Episode two is almost all family drama. When she pops onto stage at the end to do some stand-up, it’s entirely unprepared. The show followed up a promising first episode with 90% family drama and even sold out the comedy by suggesting that it doesn’t require work for her.

Anyone deeper into it – are later episodes going to change my opinion of what’s happening?

I suspect because of the time period. Otherwise, not similar at all, at least to me. More Brooklyn Bridge than Mad Men.

I’m intrigued by virtue of the fact that I grew up in Brooklyn in the 50’s/60’s

I’m about halfway through. I’m liking it, though not quite loving it, yet. It’s eight episodes long, but this is very much the opening chapter of the story. My bet is that, knowing they have two seasons guaranteed, the writers felt they didn’t have to rush it.

It’s very Amy Sherman-Palladino, but it’s also unburdened by broadcast limitations on stuff like nudity and language. (There is some brief nudity; we’re talking breasts), but the language is a lot saltier. Characters say “fuck”, and while it’s not constant f-bombs, it what’d you expect from a premium cable show.

I felt the same way about Episode 2. I think it was the weakest of the 8. Granted it’s still a mix of her rising career and her family but there’s a good balance that shows what she does on stage is influenced by her life and situation.

Really enjoyed the whole season.

I’m a huge fan of Sherman-Palladino, and this show is, well, pretty much like all of her other shows. Strong characters, talking extremely fast, tons of witty banter, living in a strange fantasy world. Main difference is less pop culture references due to the setting. Enjoyed it immensely.

This show has really come together in the latter episodes. Love it.

It’s got that trademark Amy Sherman-Palladino banter, but as it’s set in the 50’s there is not the constant pop-culture references that she loves. Very refreshing.

We have loved the first four here.

Well, first season was a delight.

I watched this entirely based on this thread, and for the first 2-3 episodes I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. Parts were funny, but I wasn’t really getting much of a investment into the show. But I thought it really picked up about midway through. Maybe I just needed some time to adjust to the '50s era stuff, I dunno. In any event, I’m happy I watched it and looking forward to season 2.



First off, why did I somehow miss this thread, which would have helpfully informed me that Amy Sherman Palladino is the creator here. Took my stupid self having to see it win a Golden Globe to realize. (Which, it did, btw, for best series, comedy or musical.)

And so I’m watching the first episode and I’m digging it. “Yeah,” I think. “I’ll watch this, pretty sure.”

And then the closing credits roll, to Dave Edmunds’ version of “Girls Talk” and holy shit, talk about putting the goddamn ring on my finger.

I’m so in, and so buying everything this show is selling.

I really liked this show quite a lot, it’s super enjoyable all the way through, and I hope we are getting a season 2 (I assume we will, since it didn’t air on FOX).

It was an initial 2 season order so yes it will definitely return, even if it didn’t win a ton of awards and critical acclaim which would have ensured its return anyway. Great show.