The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


I love Rachel Brosnahan in this, but that is the obvious pick.

Alex Borstein continues to be great as well, at least her storyline in the first episode is fun, if not deeply terrifying.

Tony Schaloub might be the secret MVP though, I love it when family characters are written in a way that you can tell they are family. Tony plays Midge’s father with a touch of that zany energy, just like she has. Also, Marin Hinkle, as Midge’s mom, Rose, was quietly great last season as well. And, the plot of the first episode centers quite a bit around her, and it is fun seeing her out of the apartment.

I typically don’t binge shows, because I can’t watch one thing for an extended period of time, i like to watch shows like this over a week or so, gives you time to think about each episode individually. So no advice from me there.


Shaloub is my fave too. That was a question aimed at a spammer to see if they were human or cylon (who got purged).

I didn’t intend to binge the first season, but I ended up doing so. Maybe my question is more about my own willpower…


Finally jumped into watching this show last night. About 30 minutes in, we’re enjoying the characters but trying to figure things out. Are those kids hers? Why so much focus on the parents? We were expecting an origin story for her becoming a comic.

Then we realized Amazon defaulted us to Season 2. Duh.

The actual episode 1 was great, though. The rapid-fire patter of the dialogue is tons of fun.


I watched it too and was a bit underwhelmed. The tone is different; it’s more goofball than the first season, which skirted towards goof, but never crossed the line. Shaloub, who was the funniest character in season 1, was just too over the top here. I’m glad they’re adding dimension to Rose’s character, but it’s like she’s not the same person. And the comedy routine in the nightclub was ridiculous, unfunny, and a hamhanded way to shovel in exposition. Susie’s abduction was a delight, but overall the episode was pretty uneven.


Well, the rest of the season only continues to get better. Episode 1 very much felt like a large diversion for most of the cast. Spending time in new locales etc. I liked the change in scenery and pace. This continues throughout the season, as a lot of the plot focuses more on the fallout of the split in their friend circles and community as a whole.

Alex Borstein continues to be a treasure though.


Just to offer a different viewpoint, I adore what they’ve done with Abe (Shaloub) this season and really happy they’ve let him be less of a one-note character. Same goes for Rose (though that started in season 1).


I remarked to my wife how much I enjoy seeing Abe and Rose in this season. And I adore how the characters are written in ways that really make you feel that Miriam is their daughter. Her father’s fastidous note-taking and general take-charge nature couple with her mother’s sense for fashion, style, and taste really show in Mrs. Maisel’s character.

I also really like the storyline with Joe this season as well. Dealing with his parent’s interesting post depression scheme of running a business, and storing their money is just great.


Yeah, Joel’s parents are nuts, and we are starting to see hints of perhaps getting more from them in the future as we have with Abe and Rose this season.


There are times when the criticism of ASP’s dialogue style is probably very spot-on. But the Yom Kippur breaking fast dinner scene in Episode 7 was inspired, rapid-fire chaotic and perfect lunacy.


I have been a critic of this show because of relationships and just …. ugggh. But I cannot criticize the unbelievable acting and the excellent dialogue. I plan to suck it up, recall its the '50s, and soldieress on.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of this. Outside of what has been mentioned already, I think Season 2 also does a much better job at poking fun at the 50’s. Fond examples are how the family goes on vacation for 2 months (doesn’t everyone?) and the way everyone handles their kids (or doesn’t) in this season (The baby is actually treated like luggage in one episode). Kids are just something everyone should have, and so they do =)

As an aside, a light peppering of Lenny Bruce has made me interested in his work and I’ve gone back and listened to a few of his things. He is a remarkable litmus test of the issues of the day during his era. The remake of his Steve Allen performance is also pretty spot on to the original which was a pretty cool.


Started S1 last night, this is great! It’s like Rory Gilmore got a time machine to the 50s and decided to do standup. Instead of Paladino’s favored obscure pop-culture references, they use old 50s Jewish stuff. I keep having to look up stuff.


I went to look for that clip. The actor playing Bruce is great.


Ugh, I couldn’t even get through the first episode of this. It was god-awful. The main character is immediately grating as is the cloying Disney-esque world she inhabits. Great production values though. I wish they would have spent the budget on something worthwhile.


You don’t have to like it, but calling this show not worthwhile just makes you sound like a fool. I mean, we don’t all have to like the same things, but really…


It’s also won numerous awards.


Its 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes seems to suggest that this has a wider appeal beyond the critics (who love it) and the awards-given subset as well.


The Birds was a terrible film! It was just a bunch of people having a birthday party in a seaside town! I left after the first hour!

It is almost as if the were setting up a world and stakes that will be flipped completely over, but there is no way to know if you leave early.

Finished season 2 last week. Loved the show, and I loved the direction they went in with the character growth of a lot of the people surrounding Miriam. The plotline with Tony Schaloub’s character this season was just great. I loved the Bell Labs stuff (and I won’t get into spoilers) but it was interesting seeing him hate and then slowly enjoy living in France for a bit, and then return to the U.S. only to have un-knowingly brought some of Paris back with him.

This whole season was about growth. Miriam growing in her comedy, Joel taking charge of the family business (and his life as well), Miriam dating again, and understanding why she fell for Joel in the first place. Rose’s trip to France was a “mid-life crisis” that lead to her remembering her original desires of art and learning. And Abe having the moment where son passes father, and a realization of how his life got off of the track he was initially on.

I love this show because the characters and dialogue are perfectly written. Midge really does feel like the daughter of Rose and Abe. I think you can see both her parents in the way that she acts, studiously keeping fit, having a quick wit and an excellent grasp of problem solving and sweet talking.

But, this season you see the comedian side of Midge in her parents. Abe comes to the realization that maybe his entire world he has built at Columbia and Bell Labs isn’t really what he wants, but what was expected of him. Much how Midge was expected to be the doting wife, and now that she has a budding (and fastly growing) career in comedy, why is he staying in his lane also? You also see this in Rose going back to art school, as she too needs more than just keeping a well run household to fulfill her needs.

And of course, this is all set to a beautiful backdrop of the 1950’s New York Jewish community. (Which involves 2 month family vacations to the Catskills) I haven’t even begun to get into the characters of Susie and Joel who both grow as well, and become much better at their jobs throughout the season.


Because I have to post this from time to time…