The Matrix Awakens - An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

Neat little tie-in. Betcha dollars to donuts it ends up in Fortnite too.

Pre-load today, launch when? When the movie comes out? Though they said more will be revealed on Thursday at the Game Awards. So maybe launch of the demo on Thursday?

Most likely yes, it’s just a tech demo.

Right. Could still be a cool thing to experience even without any gameplay.

Annoying as hell this is not on PC, whatever it is.

What is real?

I went through it on PS5. Pretty impressive. Didn’t expect the open world portion, but you can walk, drive or fly all over this virtual Chicago. You even have the option to turn off the “Matrix” filter for a natural look without the film grain and color grading. Of course, I would say the Spiderman games on PS5 compare favorably, so it doesn’t completely outclass other tech the way some may be suggesting online. Spiderman doesn’t have the fully dynamic time of day, though.

Graphics were very impressive, although I didn’t see any raytracing on the XSX. Framerate was clearly not even locked to 30.

I really liked how you could fly up and actually look in the windows of the skyscrapers. Of course there were a ton of duplicate interiors but you just don’t see real windows very often.

As a showcase for what Unreal Engine 5 can do, yeah, this was pretty good. Of course, you can have a gigantic crazy detailed open world if there’s not actual open world dynamic gameplay going on.

I think the lighting/shadows are ray traced. I found some places with reflections on PS5 though whether they are RT or screen mapped I have not idea.

There are some systems though, you can crash up the cars and see physics in action a bit and cause traffic jams. So it’s not a pure graphics thing. People will also react to you when you bump into them I think when walking around.

Oh sure, there’s a some gameplay stuff going on. It’s not static. Still, don’t expect to see a bunch of games coming out with this level of detail.

I’m seeing some goofballs already commenting on how this demo city puts CP2077 to shame, and I’m shaking my head.

Graphically, it absolutely renders at a higher fidelity than CP2077. Visually, CP2077 has an amazing artstyle and holds up very well, but most of it is smoke and mirrors, you couldn’t fly around the city at high altitude as it would expose the tricks used to make it playable.

Sure. In fact, it’s head and shoulders above most games in graphical oomph. That’s my point though. It can do that because there’s really no “game” here attached to the environment.

Damn it, I reposted the DF article because you guys are still going on about it. Haha.

Yeah, they say it does use RT made possible by TSR, which is essentially Epic’s version of DLSS specific to UE5. Even with TSR performance isn’t great though.

The 24 fps seems to be deliberate. It’s always worrisome when anyone in this industry is still chasing film. Sigh.

I thought it was a great demo, definitely more relatable than the other UE5 ones they’ve done. Obviously the gameplay was the same as always!

The Xbox only supports VRR down to 40Hz (and the PS5 doesn’t support it at all) so that’s just a stupid choice, artistic or not. Everybody is going to be playing the demo at 60Hz and 24fps, which feels really, really bad.

Not sure why they made us sit through a glorified Mad Dog McCree sequence to get to the interesting stuff.