The Mighty Boosh - BBC comedy

I’m trying to watch the latest (is it new?) episode off BBC’s website but it doesn’t seem to work:

I LOVE this show. It is so freakin’ funny, bizarre, and just “out there”. Anyone else ever seen it?

The new series (the third) has just started on broadcast tv.

The episodes on the web are available to UK users only, according to this (slightly broken) web page

Is there an easy way I can make it look like I’m a UK user? Also, are the first 2 seasons on DVD? I can’t find it in here in the U.S. at Neflix, Blockbuster, library etc…

I think ships to the USA, and you should find both series as well as the original radio show and the live DVD.

Small, indie-style, whacked-out comedy that I love. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of others!
Third season has just started and I’ve missed part of it.

Also, the Live DVD is excellent- it’s a sort of ‘best of’ show for the first season, played out in Brixton Academy from their tour.

Yes, rent a VPS in the UK, set up a simple proxy with passworded login and off you go.
Check bandwidth limitations before you rent :)

Season 1+2 box is £18 at

Soooooooooooooooooooo awesome. I got the whole shebang from demonoid, since it wasn’t out here yet. Third season is fun so far, though it leans heavily on the characters already created.

Not that the Cockney hitchhiker returning is a bad thing…

It’s a slow start. But I’m on S01e04, and its starting to grow on me.

THis was one of those shows where I coudl watch reruns over and over again - and it made me want to see more.

Old Greg?

I’m honestly surprised thats not a handle here at Qt3.

I want a poncho.

Can we talk about this show some more? I’m late to the MB party, having caught just snippets of it on Adult Swim, but now I’ve managed to get caught up. It’s probably not my FAVORITE show of all time, but it’s right up there. Seems they’re starting to hit it big in the States; they’ve been over here promoting the upcoming 3-season DVD set. They were at Comic-Con and even showed up on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Good stuff, but MORE MIKE FIELDING. I want to put him in my pocket.

Season 2 - 3 is where I think they get their legs. Most of it is pure gold (Season 3 especially).


I didn’t like the third season that much. The first and second, yes, but that curio shop didn’t do anything for me. And neither did Tony Harrison. And things just got too unhinged.

The third season has been my favorite so far, I think, with season 2 close behind. I’m with most everyone else - season 1 is a distant 3rd.

I was pretty cold on the Boosh because I didn’t think the zoo setting of S1 was all that funny, but we just started watching S2 and it’s a million times funnier. So if there’s anybody like me that was put off by what they saw in the first season, just ignore it entirely and jump ahead to the second.

Season 2 is, I think the best balance between mania and coherence.

Season 3 is okay, but comes off a little too cold and mean spirited. There’s a sense of camaraderie in Season 2 that I think works well, and gets lost in 3.

But “Eels” is still the high point of the series for me.

What bothered me about Eels was that Howard had run across the Hitcher before but acted like he didn’t know who he was. Same thing with the crazy voodoo jazz guy from S1’s Electro - when they dealt with him again in S3, he was treated like a new character. There seems to be little regard for continuity.

Somehow I doubt the show was intended to have any continuity.

Boosh is basically a showcase for Barratt and Fielding’s wacky characters , like the League of Gentlemen was a showcase for Shearsmith et al. It works brilliantly because there are no constraints like consistency and plot on what they can do, so they could make up pretty much anything at all from show to show and not worry about it fitting in to previous episodes.

I think I liked the 2nd season best, but really there is great stuff in all three.

I have to say I do get tired of the Sexy Smoothie/Total Loser dynamic.

His eyes are small. I get it.

BUT even thought it can be rough sledding in places, I was entertained enough to keep coming back for more.