The Netflix TV Show Thread

The actor who plays Klaus did a very similar role on the British superhero show Misfits, so if you enjoy his performance in Umbrella Academy I would check that out.

Yes, I know The Honorable Woman. It’s outstanding, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s best work.

Just finished the Umbrella Academy and I liked it. Even though the ending is sort of a cop out with them going back in time. Nevertheless I’m definitely in on a second season.

I thought it was very clever. It’s a way to do a downer ending where everyone dies without making the audience feel too down about it. Basically they failed. The world ends, they couldn’t stop it. This way if there’s never a season 2, you’re still left feeling pretty good even though the world got destroyed. I think that’s clever.

My objection to the ending is

first off, nothing they did matters - it’s like the episode where Number 5 reset the day at the end. All of the character development that occurred was wiped out. Sure, we remember it all but they don’t… like for instance, the dance between Lucas and Allison - that was a sweet, touching moment… that didn’t happen because Number 5 reset that day. So any sort of reconciliation between them is gone. I think that’s a cheesy way to get issues resolved.

secondly, what’s the cost if you can always go back in time and try again? Fail the second time? Go back in time! I can possibly forgive this because all of the kids are going back in time, so things that happen between the kids won’t be forgotten So there’s a chance they can still advance the story even if they fail. But it still feels like an easy out.

Oh there’s definitely going to be a second season for this.

I figure Umbrella Academy deserves its own thread, sorry I didn’t start one sooner.

Russian Doll probably deserves a thread of its own as well. Though my impression was that there were more negative impressions in this thread than positive ones. I fall on the positive side. With 2 episodes left, I’ve been won over by the series. It’s a little hard to get into during the first couple of episodes, but that works in the series’ favor in my opinion. Winning me over by letting me see the endearing side of a bunch of characters that I initially disliked is not that easy, but this show does it well, and really comes out ahead for doing so.

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) continues to be pretty good through episode 3. Great charismatic actors, tense drama, etc. It’s a bit stylized with a muted, but distinctive color palette, flash titles, and some character interactions filmed like stage drama. But it’s also kind of an interesting take on the heist show. The main viewpoint character, Tokyo (all the robbers have pseudonyms that are city names), is unquestionably a fuck-up, and it’s interesting to hear her walk the line between acknowledging that and constructing a narrative that lays the blame for mis-events at the feet of cosmic forces or bad luck or anything else.

Anyway, it’s really quite good, and apparently the most-watching non-English show on Netflix. There are two seasons out and a third on the way. Check it out.

“Everybody watches Money Heist. That’s why they call it Money Heist.”

Actually, nobody watched it before they renamed it Money Heist. The original title turned people off. It was posted here a couple of times and ignored.

Same with Scrotal Recall which was renamed the bland, but less gross Lovesick.

I finished Russian Doll, like I said above, it’s a great show. The second last episode, in particular, was the highlight of the show. It has some excellent, well earned character moments all around.

I’ve been enjoying the Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj, but his Youtube Deep Cuts are just more fun.

Now this makes me happy. Hopefully they can do it justice!

That’s ambitious.

I’m skeptical, but I’ll keep an open mind. I’m trying to think of examples of magical realism on screen and drawing a bit of a blank: Edward Scissorhands is sort of there, but not quite. Winter’s Tale was apparently abysmal. The Hudsucker Proxy? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Beloved? None of those are Latin American though, and they don’t feel like Marquez.

Like Water fo For Chocolate. Spanish language, too, to boot!

Pan’s Labyrinth is the first one I thought of. Then The Milagro Beanfield War. Both of those are outstanding films.

Here’s one list:

Looking at it now, I see Everything is Illuminated. Man, what a gorgeous film that is!

Oh, wow. I’d actually forgotten about that film. It was amazing!

One of my favorite novels. I used to teach it and show the movie to the class as well.