The Netflix TV Show Thread


It does look great. But, is the Punisher the villain this season? There’s talk of him getting his own show. I can’t imagine them fighting all season, and then just being ok with each other. And how’s Electra fit in to all of this?


Watch and find out!

— Alan


Yeah, yeah. Other dangling question- how does Stick and his ‘war’ and the Black Sun thing work back into this? I see he’s back this season in some capacity. This season can’t come soon enough.


I guess I’m weird, but that trailer didn’t fill my fibers all that full of Juffo-Wup.

Still, it’s m-fin’ Daredevil season 2! I’m there.


FWIW, Tunnelbear is still working great for Netflix US.


And UnblockUS continues to work well for me for Netflix Canada. And the occasional Netflix Denmark and Netflix UK. But mostly Netflix Canada.


The Netflix Eye Of Sauron has yet to notice me, either. I try to keep my behavior with a certain unblocker fairly unsuspicious–I’ll tend to stay within a region for a day at least when I go there. So far, everything still working.

Worth noting though for interest that Paypal has joined the crusade. They’re no longer handling payments for certain unblockers that specialize in region unlocking.


So… This Full House reboot is kinda…well, I guess its a bit part of american history and you guys may love it, but its not very good, and its wallowing a bit in its own stories, which I guess is to be expected.

Some of the cast has aged incredibly well, but if the show carries on in the same vein as the first episode, Im not sure the format has any staying power.

Anyways - it was fun watching the guys again, even if Michelle isn’t in it.


I think it was maybe the AV Club said it was like watching porn without any of the porn.


Yeah I’ve heard it wasn’t great. Doesn’t make me feel good about Gilmore Girls…

— Alan


The Gilmore Girls first run was a good show, and not “the only thing on for people with nothing to do on a Friday night” so it’s a little different. The only appeal Fuller House had for me was “hey, I remember that show” but then the trailer reminded me I only watched it out of a lack of options.


If you like science, food, and cinematography, watch Cooked.


The Eye Of Netflix Sauron was finally trained upon me and I got the dreaded “It looks like you’re using a proxy server or unblocker” message yesterday.

Messaged Unblock to see if they could do anything and was told that they no longer officially support Netflix region unblocking and so no.

Paypal yanking payment methods from them pretty much killed them.

Luckily, as the nice man in Star Wars said, “There are others…”


I had already unsubscribed. But my pay period ended on Feb 29th, so I was using these last few days as much as I could. Today I saw Monsters University, which turned out to be almost as good as the original. What a brilliant idea to do a prequel. Thank you Netflix UK.


I started getting that yesterday too with Torguard VPN. When I messaged Torguard they had set up an alternate dedicated IP for people to connect to to access US Netflix. Hopefully it’s just a temporary solution until they can change all their IPs over.


The one thing I did do was to go into my Unblock account and change my name and alter my email to a spam address I keep. I have a feeling Unblock is going to be racing to zero before too long, and someone will acquire them for the email addresses and names for marketing purposes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


That’s. . . really fucking smart. Huh. Thanks for the (perhaps unintentional) tip.

Haven’t been paying for Netflix for the last age and a half thanks to some free months offers I cashed in last year. May not continue it once that expires. Stuff like this, and all the lost content, make it less appealing than it used to be. But then again, I [I]really[/I] like the Marvel shows and cycling memberships for a month at a time is annoying. Meh :-/


So apparently in the last 12-24 hours Netflix rolled out some kind of super unblock/VPN detection. They are not kidding around, nor is this a mere show for content providers, apparently. They’re really actually making an effort to prevent anyone from using a VPN or unblocker to use their service.

Which, you know, sorta sucks. Of all the unblocking sites, Smartflix has been the most forthcoming about what they’re up against, here.

My beef now is that I do use a VPN for security reasons, and will apparently have to switch it off even for watching US Netflix. Which sucks.


Try TB if nothing else works. It’s still working for me.


Both Unblock Us and Unotelly (which was more reliable than unblock in the past week) stopped working for me yesterday with the VPN error.

I’ve simply restored my normal DNS. Don’t have time to run around, signing up to random services that might or might not work.

The only annoying thing is that it stopped working when we were 2 episodes from finishing season 3 of Elementary (Netflix Belgium). Would have liked to see the season’s end.