The Netflix TV Show Thread


At the risk of jinxing things, a service called sunblock-us seems to have limited functionality again. My four favorite Netflixing countries are reopened, and have been for over a month now: Canada, UK, Ireland, and Spain. Denmark also seems to work occasionally.

Central Europe, South America, and AU/NZ are blocked. Still tho, for those countries it does work for, it’s worth it.


New Bamford special!


Yeah, I can’t wait to watch this. Lady Dynamite really turned me on to her and I have lapped up pretty much everything that is out there. Her special that she shot performing just for her parents in their living room was awkwardly hilarious - especially the breaks in the action for mundane stuff like going to the bathroom or grabbing a snack.


I’m halfway through. It’s good, though probably not as good as The Special Special Special, so far.


Just watched it as well. Hints of The Special Special Special with the odd venues, but much more of a traditional set. Still damn good.


More EU audiovisual media service policy news![quote]Regarding the protection of minors, the revised Directive provides for alignment of the standards of protection for TV broadcasting and on-demand services. Article 12 requires that programmes that may impair the physical, mental or moral development of minors are only made available in such a way as to ensure that minors will not normally hear or see them. This is regardless of whether such programmes are broadcast by TV broadcasters or provided by on-demand media service providers. With a view to this alignment, Article 27 of the current Directive (applicable to TV broadcasting only) is removed.

The revised Directive creates a more level playing field in the promotion of European works by obliging on-demand services to reserve at least 20% share for European works in their catalogues and to ensure adequate prominence of such works (Article 13). Article 13 will also allow Member States to impose financial contributions (direct investments or levies allocated to national film funds) to on-demand services in their jurisdictions as well as, under certain conditions, to those established in a different Member State but targeting their national audiences. In order to ensure that obligations on promotion of European works do not undermine market development and to allow for the entry of new players in the market, companies with no significant presence on the market should not be subject to such requirements. This is in particular the case for companies with a low turn-over.

The amended Directive would introduce an obligation on Member States to ensure that, within their field of responsibility, video-sharing platform providers put in place, preferably through co-regulation, appropriate measures to: i) protect minors from harmful content; and ii) protect all citizens from incitement to violence or hatred.


I actually pay the extra $2/month and uploaded ALL of my music collection.


Oh, and, somewhat on topic, Amazon is bringing Prime add-on channels to the UK. The line-up doesn’t look all that exciting so far, I have to admit, though maybe one of the old movie channels would be worthwhile. Neither Netflix or especially Amazon Prime are good at anything from before the 70s.


Wondering if Turner snapped up all of those rights (in perpetuity). As I recall, that’s how they crushed AMC and made TCM the best spot for classic movies.


UK distribution rights for old movies seem pretty disparately held, and not many seem to be exclusive (for any long period of time). The Bond movies are the only high profile ones I can think of that got locked up by one channel for any length of time.


IF you haven’t watched it yet, watch The Keepers. Holy crap.

— Alan


There’s an interesting wrinkle to the Amazon channels situation in the UK. I hadn’t realised it included live TV. This means that people who subscribe to them (the live channels) will have to have a TV licence, which now sets you back just under £150.


We jumped on the bandwagon about two weeks ago and have a couple episodes left. It’s like a rabbit hole that just keeps going further and further into craziness. Similar to Making a Murderer, it is fantastic storytelling.


You think it’s (just) about a murder, but it gets so, so, much worse.


Yeah, holy shit, The Keepers. Holy goddamn.

Look, I realize it makes me a little bit ghoulish, but I’m a sucker for the true crime genre. And I can honestly say without any doubt that The Keepers has hit me harder than anything I’ve ever watched or read.

It is magnificent storytelling, to be sure. But it is angering, frustrating, and at times utterly frightening to watch.


Anyone watched the recent drama series El Chapo? As the name implies, it charts the rise and fall and swansong of El Chapo. I had low expectations going in as it seemed to be out a little… quick. Nevertheless, after two episodes I am enjoying this as much as I did Narcos.


Finally! The Expanse season 2 has a UK release date - 8 September.


Yes, same in Denmark - I was very excited for this!


I watched it recently and enjoyed it quite a bit, about as much as Narcos.


So the question is what’s different about it over Narcos? Since there is so much to watch I’m kinda hesitant to do another Escobar/columbain drug series so soon. Also I think Narcos season 3 is about to come out.