The Netflix TV Show Thread


I didn’t get this sense at all. I think they’re pretty endearing. And they’re not nearly cool enough to be hipsters; they’re more like an artists’ commune, where everyone is really weird and fucked up, but comfortable with it.


“Hate” was too strong a word there. But they’re definitely meant to be on the ridiculous end of the spectrum.


I finished “Russian Doll”. Not watching football gave me some extra time. I didn’t like it. It just throws everything in the bucket. It’s because of her mother! It’s because they’re bad people! Time is looping! Time is moving forward! Mirrors disappear! Fish disappear! Now they’re back! Gas leaks! Gas doesn’t leak! Nothing makes any sense and nothing means anything.

Natasha Lyonne’s shtick works in Orange is the New Black because it’s an ensemble, but in this it grates quickly (and it is exactly the same shtick, sexual orientation not withstanding). And I hated that song. I hated it the first time, and I hated it the 15th time. And why was this 8 half-hour episodes? It should have been a 90-minute movie. There was no reason to drag it out to four hours.



I have not watched Russian Doll, but this perfectly describes how I feel about many many many of the current crop of streaming shows. Handmaid’s Tale, for instance.


I don’t know if you are just being an ass, or just weren’t paying attention? Not saying you had to like it or anything, but nothing you wrote here matches up to the show I watched.


The second season of the Finnish detective show Borderland is up on Netflix. If you like intricate crime dramas with quirky characters, it’d give it a try. The first season was great, just started watching the second last night.


I thought Russian Doll was pretty good, but at first I didn’t like the humor. But it grew on me, and before you know it I was fully engrossed. It got close to cool sci fi paradox stuff, but by that time the show was over. Perfect length since each episode felt pretty short. I think total it was a little less than 3 hours.

Reccommend you stay at least til the second lead comes in.


Yeah that’s the ‘curveball’ i mentioned to JoshL upthread. He was talking about ‘nothing happens’ and quit the show right before it did!

The more I think about this show, the more I like it. Perhaps I’m just getting soft in my old age.

now I’ll just ramble. I didn’t relate to Alan at all (in reality I’m much closer to Natasha, minus the chain smoking) but man, his speech to his gal at the end was words that could have come from my mouth when I was breaking up with my girlfriend of 9 years several years back. Mike was a good character, too. I hated him, but he was a good one. And then when she was brining him down from the roof “do you promise it’ll stop hurting?” “No, of course not, but I promise you won’t be alone”. And I’ve had ‘Alone Again Or’ stuck in my head for 4 days now- i always thought it was a Damned song, but it turns out it’s a cover? Who knew?


Watched Russian Doll tonight. It is great. It takes a while to get going, but when it does it all just clicks together. The episodes just flew by, great pacing. More shows should do four hour seasons.


Yeah, I really like the serial dramas that are 30 minutes per episode. The End of the F**king World is the same. And I think The OA had variable-length episodes.

I started watching Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) yesterday. It’s a Spanish TV show about a crew that does heists. Very stylish and slick. I liked the first episode and plan to continue.


I blasted through Russian Doll last night as well. Very good! Not like my favorite thing ever, but very good.

Ultimately I felt like it tried to channel David Lynch in a lot of ways, particularly Mulholland Drive, but pulled back from the abyss before really making it happen.

Still, very good. Loved the casting. The direction and editing are also exceptional to my untrained eye. I recommend it without reservations.


Hey, has anyone watched the new “One Day at a Time”? I loved the original.


Just watched the first episode of Russian Doll. I don’t want to spend 5 minutes with any of these people, let alone another 3 hours. Plus shitty music as a bonus.

Now get off my lawn.


You do you. I think the show improved a lot in the second half of episode two.


If anyone can explain to me in anything like a logical way why the fish disappeared, I will give them 10 meaningless internet points.

On another note, I watched “The Kominsky Method”. As far as putting Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin in a room and watching them bounce off each other, it was fantastic. But the actual plots/stories were not that interesting. Kind of depressing for a comedy. I give it three and a half Hank Pyms.


As I’ve posted before, Chuck Lorre is the worst kind of commercial hack, and anyone who expects something good out of a show in which he is involved is bound to be disappointed.


I liked Russian Doll. I’m an easy target for timeloop-based plots. Had all of the show been like the first half, I probably would have been a bit bored by the end of it, but the introduction of Allan brought something new to the mix.

There are some elements one should not be think too much about I guess. If food keeps rotting across the timeloops, wouldn’t pretty much everything that’s not sealed be inedible after 5+ timeloops? At least to Nadia. (Since no one else appears to acknowledge that they have rotten/moldy fruits in their kitchen or store, I can only assume that only people caught in a timeloop would see it that way.)

I liked that they ended up having to save each other - like they had guessed earlier. That said, the ‘challenge’ felt weirdly different. Nadia had to keep Allan from committing suicide. Allan’s main task kinda was keeping Nadia from spending the night with Mike rather than just making sure she’s not run over by a taxi. As if sleeping with Mike would have been the big bad thing she needed to be saved from.


I’ll add another mention of Sex Education. We are almost finished with it, and will be sad to leave these characters behind. Laugh out loud funny in a lot of places.


I mean, that is kind of the point of the start of the show…


They explain the fruit in the second to last episode…