The New (and Old) Music Thread for 2016


That’s so sad about Caroline Crawley. I saw Shelleyan Orphan open for The Cure on that tour in 1989. Always liked their albums and LOVED her This Mortal Coil songs. To paraphrase Late Night,

The way (she sings) will always be a very special thing to me.


There’s a new Sonic Avenues album

Also Potty Mouth have dropped a brand new single and video, but the next album isn’t due until 2017


Great pic, rr! That’s a great album, my favorite of their three. “Cavalry of Cloud” gets me all swoony.


The reunited Letters to Cleo have their new EP up for preview streaming over at Stereogum


Hey @triggercut guess who I just saw.

If you don’t recognize who it is, it’s Preoccupations.


The flannel shirt on someone who isn’t 50 years old gave it away. ;)

How were they?


Pretty solid. Good mix of songs from both albums. The drummer is something else. They closed with Death, and it might have been even more extended than the album version, maybe a by bit too much. Also you know the set is done and there isn’t gonna be an encore when the drummer trashes the drum set during the final song.

Setlist: Anxiety, Silhouettes, March of Porgress, Select your Drone, Continental Shelf, Memory, Degraded, Monotony, Zodiac, Stimulation, Death.


The drummer is the sort of goofy looking, way younger-seeming than he is blond guy, right?

He’s been with Matt Flegel since the days of Women. Great drummer.


Yeah, here’s the pro pics of the show including the trashed kit.


Kind of dig this, post rock/electronic band Infinity Shred new album out now


Yay! New Terry Malts album!



Since they’re friends, I’ll only say this is really great a few times.


Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz has a solo album out next month as Sad13. A few tracks have dropped from it.


BTW, the whole Weyes Blood album that finally came out last week is just stunning. It’s very precious, but it’s hitting me as hard as anything that’s come out this year.


Wholehearted concurrence! Ever since you lobbed that Seven Words grenade two months ago, Front Row Seat to Earth has been on the fast track to album of the year for me.


Blame that grenade on The Leisure Society. Nick Hemming tweeted that video out right after it appeared saying it was awesome. One listen, I was hooked too.


Apparently Pete Burns has answered the implicit question in his 1980s disco band’s name definitively and forevermore. RIP.


Say what you want about the cartoon character Pete Burns made of himself, their first couple of albums were an amazingly successful melding of underground dancefloor sounds and (at the time) au courant sophisticated pop.



New Brian Jonestown Massacre album is out tomorrow and given how much I dig the leadoff track, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need it in my life: