The New Bioware Game

Guesses go here! I’m going to go for the longshot and say that yes, it actually is a new Shattered Steel game, full on mech sim.

Of course, I’m wrong, because their teaser clip shows generic sci-fi grunt sniping out a window.

But ahh, we can dream.

It’s probably a Mass Effect 2 expansion. They already said they had more plans for DLC.

The rumor is that the new game is a multiplayer spin-off of Mass Effect.

Yeah, that seems the most likely to me.

Savor the RPS treatment.


I’ve heard you’ll be tasked with growing a beard.

Either a new spin-off on Mass Effect, or a Silent Storm (the double-s’) game!

“a game that’s designed to appeal more to the Call of Duty market”

Oh god i hope not… I can’t think of much worse news than EA trying to get bioware on the “Generic sports/fps every year to appeal to unwashed masses” business model.

That’s not a rifle, that’s a scanner, and he was pointing it at a planet.

It’s an all planet scanning game!!!

The long-awaited sequel to Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri??

Everyone is trying to make Call of Duty right now. Everyone. I hope you like generic tunnel shooters because they are about to become the most common game made.

My guess is whatever it is, the project is the one that is being done at Bioware’s new Montreal office.

I would play a Krogan of Duty game.

oh man

Oh. So, more Mass Effect then?

That’s what I told Ray Muzyka.

If you really want to play the false equivalence of Mass Effect and Call of Duty, then I guess I can safely ignore any other post you make.

That’s clearly Dragon Age 3!

Oh, please. I fully understand the difference between the games. Hell, I like both franchises. I don’t think that saying a lot of the gameplay in Mass Effect 2 resembled a tunnel shooter is anything that controversial.

You shoot tunnels in Mass Effect 2?

Ok, I’ll guess: A First person massively multiplayer tower defense game!

MDK 3! You see, iron is one of the resources the aliens would have been trying to strip-mine the planet for, and the temperature is, well, Edmonton gets cold, uh… Oh, I’d just like to see another MDK.