The New Kindle Oasis - The waterproof kindle is finally real


Wait! Unlike the original oasis, this has an ambient light sensor, and a metal back. That plus dropping the dumbass battery case is enough for me to spring for the upgrade. Oh yeah and waterproofness.

The battery case was a truly moronic idea. So bad.


I wonder if national bathtub utilization will skyrocket after this is released, only to drop back down to previous levels after a couple of weeks.


Hey, I actually read on my porch in the rain on a fairly regular basis. Deck umbrella and roof overhang are not quite sufficient to keep all drops off the screen of my oldish Paperwhite. Bathtub not required.


I did not think of using it in a bathtub, which is a good idea, and something I would have wished for when I was young. I can’t remember the last time I took a bath, however. It might be over a decade.


It’s just way too expensive. The ereader market is being eaten alive by big phones-- I switched myself.

Water resistance is a big deal, lots of people read at the pool or beach too.


If I had one of those big bathtubs that takes 30 minutes to fill I might read in the tub. Sounds pleasant enough.

Even without that, though, why not have waterproofing? It’s not as if things never get spilled on or get wet from something. They are not asking you to pay extra for the waterproofing. It’s a plus.


Well, it’s a $250 ereader in 2017. The $50 model should be waterproof too.


I use my Kindle for convenience and durability at the gym, and at home because my phone is poky and old. I do have an iPad Air 2 at home, but I rarely use it to read on because the Kindle Paperwhite is so much friendlier in the hand.


Ah, yeah. Sorry. I guess you can’t load Chrome on the B&W models without basically breaking them.


…and the eyes, don’t forget. I can read an e-ink Kindle all day long, I can read about 30 minutes on a Kindle Fire, iPad, phone, or PC before I get fatigued.


Yeah, e-ink is so good for actual reading it’s not even funny.


I didn’t think you could install/sideload anything (other than documents) on the e-ink readers. It’s the built-in browser or nothing.


I saw in one of the press shots that it finally supports an inverse display (white on black), which would be a HUGE benefit for night reading, and was long a glaring oversight from Amazon. Is that something that’s changed in recent Kindle firmware, or is this new to the new model?


Is this true? Is this a new feature? This may be enough to sell it for me. The Paperwhite is almost like having a flashlight in bed. It can be bright when the room is totally dark, like we keep it. I know I can adjust the brightness, but dimming it too much gets hard on my eyes. I would love the inverse feature.


That’s the release notes for the latest paperwhite version:

Bold Control: You can now set the boldness level on all reading fonts for enhanced readability and eye comfort. The new bold option can be controlled from the Display Settings (Aa) menu in books.
More Font Sizes: You can now choose from 14 different font sizes to suit your reading preference.
Redesigned Search Results: See chapter headers with in-book search results to help you find what you are looking for.


Now if I could only get it to stop spontaneously resizing the text while I’m carrying it. (have I mentioned that touchscreens were a terrible move for Kindles? because they were.)


This is the only Paperwhite feature that enrages me. Do people actually resize their fonts so often that a swipe is needed? At least give us the ability to disable it.


I must have an older paperwhite, mine requires me to go to the top bar menu and select the font option to make changes. That would indeed drive me nuts if you could do it by swiping.


I use it a lot. While I sometimes have a backlog on it, I’m trying to stay away from sale! mentality.

I use the 3g all the time, just for buying books.

  1. It’s far easier than fussing with wifi logins, especially when travelling - think airport and hotel captive portals as the worst case.

  2. Travelling again - visiting older family in Oklahoma, just about nobody has wifi in their houses.

  3. It works internationally.


That’s the only way I have ever done it intentionally (to fix it) , but there is definitely a gesture because it happens unintentionally all the fucking time.