THE NFL 2017 Season


The NFL should make the top picks a lottery among the bottom teams, so at least they try to compete throughout the season. I believe the NHL does this.


They do, and I love that system. It prevents deliberate sandbagging.


See Bengals : 1990’s. We don’t call it “The Lost Decade” for nothing. The Bears are hilariously self-destructive right now, but they have a few more years to go if they want to claim the crown. =)


Oh, they mention it every once in a while. Usually in the form “could the Vikings be the first to have a home Super Bowl?!?”


Hey the Browns get the No.1 pick yet again and they don’t even have to try to sandbag. It just comes naturally to them.


The 49ers went into Chicago today and beat the Bears 15-14. It means nothing in the greater scheme of things, since both teams are terrible but not terrible enough to challenge the Browns for 1st overall pick. However - it was worth watching for one thing alone: Robbie Gould scored all 15 points for San Francisco. Yes, that Robbie Gould, the 11-year Chicago veteran released a couple of years ago. Kicked the game-winner with 4 seconds left to win it.

Oh, and Jimmy Garoppolo looked pretty good as the 49ers QB, too.


Nonsense! The Browns now have permission to win a game! (spoiler - they still won’t)


Good on Gould. All I have to say other than that is clown shoes.


Earl Thomas showing off his karate chop skills once again.


Terrible non-call facemask on that last play

Edit: note to NFL. If blitzing means you are going to leave Doug Baldwin 1 on 1 with no safety help over the top, don’t. Actually, never mind. Keep doing that.


Favourite play of the day came when the Dolphins were leading 33-9 with 10 minutes to play in the 4th Quarter and ran a successful onside kick.

At one point the Dolphins were leading 2-0 and ended up winning 35-9, because they scored two safeties. That’s only the 15th game since the merger with at least two safeties and Denver have been in three of them.


Chiefs sink to 6-6 after starting 5-0. And then there was this, a self-imposed non-ejection.


But Wilson is just a game manager. What would he be without an elite running back or secondary?


Lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing things go back to late 2015 where he didn’t have to be the entire offense by himself.


Vance is in a race with McAdoo to see who can get fired first. McAdoo will likely drag the GM down with him, Denver won’t be so lucky.


What are the chances Denver signs Eli? It would be weird, being in his brother’s shadow there, but he would likely be a nice upgrade for Denver.


I mean, who wouldn’t want to play behind that offensive line.

No one. It’s that offensive.

Eli won’t go from one dumpster fire to another.


Vance is in a race with McAdoo to see who can get fired first. McAdoo will likely drag the GM down with him, Denver won’t be so lucky.

And McAdoo wins! Or whatever.


Call him McAdon’t.


From a Cleveland Browns’ fan site. We Cleveland fans have to do these things to keep ourselves amused.