The NFL 2018 Season


Our long local nightmare is finally over. At least until tomorrow, when they announce Hue Jackson as the new Bengals head coach.


I’m laughing…but also realizing that there’s at least a 40% chance of that happening.


Atlanta fires everyone except for the HC. Bird teams will be bird teams.


I had to think about this for a second. Let’s see, Eagles, Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens and Seahawks? I think that’s all the bird teams.


At least it isn’t Oakland,who are hiring—no, not kidding—Mike Mayock as GM.


That’s them. It’s a holdover from the days when all the bird teams were mediocre. Not so much anymore, but it was fun to pick them in the loser-bowl thread.



Funny that Seahawks did the same thing a year ago. Has worked out for them so far.


I’m so sorry, Cincy fans.


reddit can be so fun at times.


I kinda want to see what would happen if Hue & Vance got hired on in Cincy, but then I remember wondering what would happen if the Cubs won the World Series, so…no.


If the Dolphins hire another guy without NFL head coaching experience, I’m going to buy season tickets, just so I can cancel them…


Jeff Fisher, opportunity knocks!


I’m guessing Baker Mayfield endorses him as well:


Don’t think that’s the only criteria for a good coach. I mean, McVay and Nagy had no HC experience either, and they seem to be working out. And Gase was sought after. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out And hiring a guy with HC experience isn’t always the solution either (John Fox, Jeff Fisher, Hue Jackson).


Doug Pederson had no HC experience. He’s the only guy left who was hired the same season as Hue. Super Bowl Champion. Fuck you Mike Lombardi.

It’s like Zangaro knew you’d be talking about this today…


Not a fan, but the Dolphins’ History with first time NFL head coaches is abysmal, so I will maintain my position.

ONLY successful head coaches in team history had prior NFL head coaching experience.


Actually (little known fact) he coached a high school team right before becoming an NFL assistant coach. Maybe that’s the secret!


Well, for what its worth, the Lion’s offensive coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter is now available.


I’m not convinced Detroit had an offensive coordinator–they certainly had no offense to show for it.