The NFL 2018 Season


Gonna be a few – maybe more than a few – head coaches getting the axe either tonight or tomorrow morning.

My question: how worried should Mike Tomlin be?


Still hard to believe that Tomlin is just the 3rd Steelers head coach since 1969.


Crazy, right? I wasn’t a fan of the Tomlin hire at the time, but he’s lasted a good while now.

And there is already a second coach gone…Bowles is out in NY


Not even a little. If the Steelers are dumb enough to let him go he has another HC job a nanosecond later.


December 16, 1968 was the last time the Steelers fired a head coach. That’s nuts.

And the first choice of Art Rooney to replace Bill Austin? Joe Paterno. Paterno turned down the job and Don Shula recommended one of his defensive assistants, Chuck Noll, to the Rooneys.


I keep waiting for Cowher to come out of retirement.


A lot of today’s tickets went to Eagles fans. Lots of green there, and chanting for the Bears.

As an Eagles fan, I will say I hope Dan Snyder remains in control of the Redskins, and Eli Manning remains as QB of the Giants.

EDIT: Saw this great line in the Athletic’s wrap up of the Eagles/Redskins game:

The game was won when: The NFL owners unanimously approved Daniel Snyder’s purchase of the Washington football team on May 25, 1999.


I assumed he would get a great deal and coach again, but I’m not so sure now. I’ve read that he likes the balance he has in his life now.

I guess if someone waves crazy Jon Gruden money at him he might.


Yeah, it’s been a long time.


Gruden got what, 100 million? By that measure, Cowher must been worth a bazillion.


Win probability chart from today’s Chiefs-Raiders today.


The wettest of farts.


Rooting for a Colts-Titans tie means the game is filled with drama no matter who’s winning.


Gonna take a Blaine Gabbert miracle comeback now that Indy scored again. Do you believe?


Hey I just want you all to know that I hate you all, and I hope you enjoy chewing on a baby wet-wipe.


When it’s 4th and 16 on your own 9 and your season depends on Blaine Gabbert making a play…


Ah, brings back memories, but point taken.

It’s really a shame Mariotta couldn’t play. I would have watched if it was a QB duel between Luck and Mariotta.


Hey, so thoughts on the upcoming first round of the playoffs?

I think Houston is too strong on defense for Indy, so I’m going with Houston.

For some reason I’m not a believer in the Chargers so I think Baltimore with their odd running QB offense will win.

I think Seattle has a real shot at beating Dallas. I’ll go with the 'Hawks in an upset.

It’s not easy to believe in the Bears, but Foles is banged up and Mack is a force of nature, so it’s the Bears.





Ha ha. Hey Adam, at least you have your franchise QB signed to a long-term deal!