The North Korea Thread


Nope. Fuck off fascist.

Or you know, explain your white culture thing. Or really ANY view you believe in. Cause the only time we hear what you “believe” is when Trump does something insanely stupid that you can’t think of an excuse for it. And then you move the goal posts and change the subject.

As it is, I’m pretty sure you don’t believe any of the crap you say, because every time you’re challenged on it, it’s all misdirection, deception and “oh well I don’t agree with THAT part.” Then it’s off to whataboutisms about Obama or Clinton or whatever till everyone just stops engaging with you and you “win” by default and avoid standing for anything.


You sound like an ally. I bet he will use the @ symbol to make you feel good.


This is the North Korea thread – why, as @Mark_Weston asked, are you constantly bringing up the immigration thread here? Or your personal, profanity-laced criticisms of me? All I will reiterate is that some cultures are indeed predominately white; and no one “culture” (itself a hard term to define, especially in Europe, but it’s worth a separate discussion) is necessarily worth protecting over others, but clashes of cultures – especially ones that result in the decline or elimination of a culture – are best avoided. Maybe best to go back on-topic now, rather than continue your harassment.


tl;dr: We need more white babies for our white culture.


I like how you still refuse to take a stand on anything.

Also brown people = decline of culture if not it’s elimination. Totally not racist.


I will say I love that gif. But predominately “white” cultures can cause the decline and eradication of predominately nonwhite cultures too. This happened in America and is arguably ongoing in some parts of the country. (Also, to be clear, I don’t endorse your use of the words “brown people”, just because I know you would love it if I did). The racial lens is unnecessary.


Hopefully North Korea has nukes and they come nuke this thread, because it is long past the possibility of anything useful. I think I finally understand the term “shitposting”.


tl;dr: There has got to be a way to keep the brown people where they live.


Race vs. culture.

First of all, race has little to do with culture. The contingent relation of history from times when travel was difficult is all there is to it, and that’s practically over now that we have planes and ships and highways.

Next, immigration. You go to Japan, you’ll start adopting Japanese culture. I guarantee it. You are not going to spend a year there without learning to eat onigiri and taking your shoes off when you enter a private home. So a bunch of Koreans go to Japan, and wow, now there’s Korean culture in Japan along with Japanese culture. How could this possibly be bad? There’s nothing good or bad about national culture to begin with, but surely it’s good to mix in new elements that might expand your horizons if you are a member of the majority. And if Japanese culture is so flimsy that a population of less than 1% of Koreans will damage it, well, that’s the way it goes. Same thing for the 2.3% of people of Indian descent in the UK, or the 5% or whatever it is of all kinds of different mixed Muslim cultures in France. It’s just not a big deal.

And the tiniest, least important deal is American culture, which was never a single thing to begin with, which is based on wholesale genocide of natives and on a massive slave trade, and which was always very strongly mixed up with African, British, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish culture, none of which are all that similar to one another.



I just can’t get over this:


South Korean opinion poll: 66% view the Singapore summit outcome favorably and 53% think North Korea will commit to the agreement. - Kyunghyang newspaper.

— Minseon Ku (@minseon_ku) June 15, 2018


No, and I did not claim that he did. This is the type of arguement where you make shit up and then prove it wrong and feel like you won. I believe that ‘strawman’ is used for that style of arguing. What I said is that it’s gman again, meaning that his posts and the replies to his posts are what make up the vast majority of the 300 posts. And they are pointless since he doesn’t argue using facts, reason, or a desire for an actual debate on issues. So, 300 posts of wasted time and energy, rather than actual movement on the issues surrounding north korea. Glad it’s not nukes and just Trump getting pwned by Kim!


Very interesting poll – I hadn’t seen a good post-summit survey in South Korea. Really interesting that more than half of South Koreans think Kim will commit. To me that’s one of the best indicators in whether to support this.

Sure looks like a fact that South Koreans approve of the summit. Or do you have a contrary poll or argument? For now, your post is just more unnecessary off-topic nastiness, which is what Mark was referring to.


Hope is not a plan.


Wow, what an interesting opinion you have there! It’s great to have such interesting opinions.


It’s not a plan, but like I said it’s a great indicator. The people of South Korea bear the greatest risk right now. It’s pretty telling that for all their familiarity with the North, they’re optimistic not just about the summit, but also trusting of Kim. Certainly, it would be a bad sign if they opposed Trump and his concessions (ie, war games) right now, right?

I do greatly appreciate that you contributed to the discussion, especially given all the other nastiness and personal attacks here, but adding to the snark now is just further junking up the thread. Not everyone online has to be sarcastic and nasty, and even posters who are new are people too, who actually can both disagree with you and be friendly about it.


So, what changed your mind?


This is the last I’ll say on the matter. I think you’re a troll and just because I have a problem with people piling up on people who have “conservative” political opinions or about unrelated things you’ve said in other threads, don’t take that as an endorsement. It only took reading about 10 posts of yours before it became pretty obvious. Now I will do as I say above and mostly ignore you.


Well, I think you’re being nasty, and simply continuing all the other unfriendly, personal assumptions people are making here, which they are predisposed to make because of the unrelenting political bias on this forum. I regret that politics so often makes people hostile and suspicious. Have a good one – and please, if anyone else wants to have a lengthy conversation about me personally, while I’m flattered, maybe make a separate thread for it, because again this is for North Korea discussion.