The one game you want made that isn't being made


OMG, how could I forget THAT! Yes more of THAT please!!!


I want a sci-fi Diablo clone, not the many crappy attempts that have been made so far (I know, I have played many/most of them).


I think Imperialism 2 in space with Emperor of the Fading Suns type combat with a Duneish theme would be the best thing ever.


Especially if it had perma-death and Pirates!-style ballroom dancing.


A sequel to Neuromancer would be cool


I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake.


Oooh…cool idea noted


Especially if that ballroom dancing was standing in for the exotic and deadly art of prana-bindu, the Movements of Death.


Deadly art of prana-bindu? Yeah, right.


I want a game about the witchhunt in Salem. Like ridiculously gorgeous and all Witchery. Please.


I’d like a remake of Farscape: The Game…

…except with turn-based combat utilizing the Farscape d20 system.

Supposedly, the story and voice acting in this game are pretty good.


I loved that series so much. Rotten Sci-fi canceling it :(

So how would you want that to work? Each level be a different planet? Or one alien planet with all the levels on it?


Bioshock : Underwater City Builder. :)


Crackdown on PC
Red Dead Redemption on PC


YES. . .



I saw that, which is at least a start, but I honestly don’t think it would take much to port a lot of these things over, the companies in question just choose not to.

I would rather play a full port, not a port on an emulator slowing it down even further.

I still don’t understand why any company would do hardware lock-in for a title. Or console only lock-in. It’s like saying, hey lets build a car but make it male exclusive. Uh … okay so just nix 50% of your market there? Oh but you make a small percentage more for being a male exclusive? Tell me how your bonus works again.


A couple I’d love to see made…

Imperialism III
I-War 3

Also a genre I’d love to see return is dynamic campaigns, although that may be for another topic.


I’d prefer a sequel to I-War I rather to I-War 2. The flight model and suspension of disbelief was better in I and I didn’t care for the story or open world nature of II. But an I-War I with a dynamic campaign and more expansive options is a dream game of mine.


Outside of budget concerns, no one is being “locked out” by something not being available on PC or a specific console. Your car analogy here is particularly poor, because the magnitude is way off and “this car only supports men” is an inherent lockout in a way “you have to own an Xbox to play this game” never could be.