The one game you want made that isn't being made


I agree. Other than maybe Mad Max… the perfect carpg (as Tom Chick would say), hasn’t really been made!


Autoduel on the C-64 was one of those ur-games like Elite, Red Storm Rising and Ultima that informed my love for computer games. (Is that the right word? Informed?) Anyway. Autoduel was one of those games, way back when, that you could actually get in touch with the developers and talk to them. When I finally beat the game I took actual photographs of the final screens and sent them to Origin. They sent me an Autoduel poster and a nice note congratulating me.

I remember driving down roads in my shitty car with only a machine gun and being intercepted by an enemy and having no idea what to do. It was really nerve wracking. Then figuring out the right turns to make to get to various cities. Upgunning and being a badass.

Autoduel needs to be remade with better graphics and the same general concept. Maybe with an I 76feel as well.


You didn’t head right for the casino and play blackjack until you could get an awesome car?

Also, I never cared much for Interstate '76. I mean I liked it ok enough I guess, just wasn’t blown away. I think the whole '70s aesthetic turned me off.


Let’s make Interstate 2076.

How’s that wrinkle your brain, lobsterman?


I would love either a sequel or a remake of either X-Wing or TIE Fighter. Both games are actually still very playable which is a testament to just how timeless they are, but playing a faithful, modern interpretation would be amazing.

I’d also love to see either a sequel or a remake of the original Blood, which definitely isn’t the easiest game to pick up and play these days. Flying Wild Hog did such a phenomenal job with Shadow Warrior that I’d love to see them get the license.

Another proper turn-based RPG in either the Fallout or Arcanum world would be absolutely wonderful.

The game that I would most like to see though, is a sequel to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. I assume this is never going to happen.



I also want a science fiction RPG. I loved Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday. I’d like something like that but a little less grindy.

Alternately, I want a Nine Princes in Amber RPG. Or Lord of Light.


A dark, atmospheric survival game set in space.

Or maybe just Dead Space 4


A MMO where you don’t play as a single character, you play as a family dynasty in a country. You have a lifespan and when that ends you’re reborn as another member of that family. There would be different fields to pursue to determine the fate of the current member of your dynasty. You would choose a career from choices such as politics, military, commerce, science, espionage, crime, etc. You could live a long life as a successful businessman and pass peacefully in your sleep, or die in service of your country on a mission in a foreign country as a spy. Then you’re reborn and choose a different fate. Will you be a smuggler or a policeman? I was thinking an attribute system like CKII where the mate you choose affects your heir’s stats. The other idea was each heir has an predetermined optimum destiny that gives them a extra special stats, You wouldn’t know what it would be but performing certain actions would give you a boost and a hint as a path to choose as you lead your life. Will you be evil or good? Greedy or charitable? Celebrated or demonized? It’s your lives. The goal isn’t to collect loot, it’s to collect stories.

There would be more than one country so your nation would be competing with others. The actions of it’s dynasties determines the success of a nation. Also an idea to keep it from getting stale, there would be an annual Armageddon event where the world ends and everything restarts. Will it be zombies? Nuclear war? Plague?


Seems Sundog is a long while in the process of being resurrected:

You need to sign a NDA before you can do the beta test. Their forum seems pretty active (if you are a beta member).


Last time I checked in on this the consensus wasn’t that great, but it seems they gave it a lot of post-release support? Anyway, I bought it and after the first couple of missions it’s certainly scratching that itch, though I haven’t even got to building traps yet, so we’ll see if it holds up.


Left Empty - I think this is a video of the game you were mentioning


Likewise, I passed over it early based on initial reports. But it does look like they’ve really done a ton of work after release.


Ah, thank you!
Sadly it presents only the in-game tutorial videos, and not the game itself.

@Dissensus, I recalled the Windows game’s title: it was Power Climb.
I found this page showing some very tiny snaps of it (you can see the climbing part proper in the bottom left - ugly, yes), and writing up other mountaineering games, including of course Great Peak.


Amen on a Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines sequel.


Everything Grif said.


Hmm thanks for this!


Skate 4


Intriguing - the first setting that came to mind for this was Glen Cook’s Black Company series, or something like it, where there are high-powered wizard lords of various sorts, but wars are still fought primarily by non-magical soldiers with an emphasis on logistics, positioning, and bluffs / illusions. So instead of only caring about your court hangers-on if they can help you press a claim or improve a Councillor, you’d be able to attract followers with various magical abilities and they would significantly buff armies they were attached to. Sort of like Dominion but less weird.

While we’re on the topic of CK2-but-with-…, what about CK3? Not just a repackaging of the thing, but a true sequel that takes some of the great stuff that’s been added through DLC over the years and rethinks the base engine/mechanics to work that stuff in right from the start. Then maybe we can actually have a post-Roman world starting point, where local authority is much more isolated / tenuously connected, and there are gaps between the provinces where raiders / migrants / adventurers can push in and settle, and where the goals and development of individual characters is supported through a greater variety of roles. Or maybe all I really want is a 5th-8th century DLC that lets me play as Penda or Edwin.


My Paradox fantasy would be import Dominions 4, make it pretty, fix the UI, add some more commands for combat.

A man can dream.