The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Time travel episodes never make sense if you think too deeply. I enjoyed it, though. And the humor wasn’t terrible! The practical jokes were pretty funny.


Also the concepts involved in quantum realities, which they mentioned, allow for these types of paradoxes. Since Pria came through the quantum wormhole prior to its destruction, that set off a new quantum timeline where the Orville was not destroyed. Shutting down the wormhole does not erase the past but only changes what happens going forward as their reality shifts from the old one to the new one. Yeah, its tough to grasp the concept that if they shut down the wormhole, how does Pria pass through it to effect the past. The simple answer is she came to the past from a different quantum reality, one which still exists and where the wormhole is still active.


I get that, but then why does she disappear when they destroy the wormhole. They imply that it’s because it stopped existing for to have come through. But if her coming through created a new reality, where the changes persist, then her presence should also persist.




Are those the actual words from the MST3K song? I remember them a little different (“probably just relax”). But I like the style of the graphic-- it reminds me of “Keep calm and carry on.”


Like I said, its tough to grasp. When dealing with time paradox, the answer is never clean. Without a true understanding of time and quantum realities, the rules are what the story demands. In most stories that deal with quantum reality, the pat explanation is, since she is no longer in the divergent new timeline’s future, her disappearance is simply the timeline self correcting post paradox. At this point you can ether accept it or not because you are operating outside the realm of solid physical law.


I can live with time travel as long as I’m watching something engaging enough. If I was bored, I would pick apart the inconsistencies, but this episode was good enough to keep me distracted from them.

It’s nice to see they’ve got Jonathan Frakes directing. There’s not a single person in the world who’s a better fit for that job.


Damn, really? He directed my second favorite Star Trek movie, First Contact.


The weird time travel paradox thing seemed weird to me because it really seemed like there were lots of other ways to resolve it that would make more sense. Also, they really flew through that wrap-up which probably contributed to it. However, all is forgiven because the Mr Potato Head thing had me giggling through that entire scene.


I agree. I felt they missed a golden opportunity here. The karmic flip of her being stuck in a time centuries before her own, considering what she had done to others through stranding them out of their time, would have been a better option, in my opinion and would have also allowed for the character to possibly show up again in later episodes. She could have been their Harry Mudd.


Considering what this show is, it,doesn’t owe you an explanation, and Charlize can turn up as much as she wants, even as a different character, I’m a believer.


They could very easily go with a Tasha Yar/Sela thing and just say it’s her ancestor if they were so inclined.


But then, spoiler alert, boots would not have been knocked.

Also, where did the first mate’s boobs come from all of a sudden?


I just like how Seth looks like he’s pulling a lot of Hollywood strings to have people he’s worked with or is friends with show up in the episodes. I mean, for a show with a cast of relatively lesser known actors (MacFarlane excepted), to have Theron, Victor Garber, Jeffrey Tambor and Liam Neeson all show up in the initial four episodes is pretty impressive. I’m enjoying it.


They were hidden in a chest.


Wow, this was the best episode yet. Everything in it worked, including the humor.
And I can’t get over how nostalgic the show feels. When that main theme starts I feel all kinds of warm and fuzzies.
And it was of course awesome seeing Seth and Charlize together. I loved that western parody movie they did some time back.


Yeah, they really captured a lot of touches done by TNG era trek shows. From the title sequence to the way they do the music. They even swell the orchestra right before they go to commercials.


I enjoy seeing the nacelles, ummmm, arcs charge up before they go to warp. For awhile I felt the ship looked sorta dumb, but it has grown on me.


I suppose it helps that they have freaking Jonathan Frakes directing, too :D

Oh and Robert Duncan “Tom Paris” McNeill directed the second episode, huh!