The Orville - Seth MacFarlane takes on Star Trek


Just started watching this. It is really good.

The room got a little dusty at the end of episode three. I swear it was my allergies or something.

So good.


Episode 6 was really good. They have a fantastic makeup department!


Tonight’s episode was god damned fantastic.


Hell yeah! Like the fact that MacFarlane is willing to give himself a secondary role in episodes for the good of the show. Looks like next episode is going to be light on the humor also (which in this episode was some well placed leavening to a potentially pretty dark topic).


That didn’t even hit me but yeah, that worked great.


So what are the ratings like for this?


Having just recently seen Nosedive (Black Mirror), I was kind of miffed that this episode of the Orville was similar in theme, but not in the same league, quality-wise. I still enjoyed watching the show though. Being off for a week meant that I was extra hungry for my Next Gen fix.


Wolfenstein, Stranger Things and Orville today.

Yeah I am doing Orville first.


Per TV by the numbers it is 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic. Which is not terrible, as that does not count streaming. They have it pegged as likely to be picked up by May 2018.


Weaker episode for me. Idea was good but John just behaved like such a total moron that it took me out of it, and the way the topic was handled was a bit too on the nose. I appreciate the attempt though.


This mostly describes my response, although it’s been a while since I watched the Black Mirror episode.

That’s true too. John played less as “I’m just ignorant which causes misunderstandings” and more as “I’m a dick, bad luck that the society is really hard on assholes”.

Despite the flaws, it was still a fun hour to watch. Which honestly, is a fair way to describe the show as a whole.


Same here - the initial act as well as his inept attempt at correcting the situation just made it hard to swallow. It’s difficult to feel invested when you’re actually thinking: yep, he had it coming. Not a huge fan of the character to begin with, and the actor is terrible at delivering the lines, too. I was also not fond that the show that’s already copying another franchise so directly copied Nosedive. For me it was the weakest episode so far.


Yeah I had issues with it as well. Right from the start when they said that their anthropologists suddenly stopped all contact, implying that they had contact with them for some time, I had to wonder how they had no clue regarding the way that society was run, at all. I would have thought that would be the very first thing that they would have reported on. Just too much stupid throughout the entire episode for me to buy into in it. The subject matter was fine, it was just handled badly.
Not a series killer but simply not a very good episode.


He really does know how the formula of a typical Star Trek episode works. The away team beams down to a planet. They get captured. They discover that the planet is weird in a certain way. They find a way to escape, but leave that world a little better than when they arrived.

So this episode made me happy, because he successfully followed that formula but plugged a 21st century issue into it. Also he kept his face off the screen for most of it.


Wow. I like this show but if that had been episode 4 I would not be watching this show anymore.


That episode seemed to be one long extended joke about social media. It could have worked, but the fact that John was a complete moron the entire time, and none of the other away team folks had an ounce of common sense between them to at least try to come up with more information about the statue’s subject, the people’s customs and successful apology tours of the past was pretty ridiculous.

It also seemed like the solution was obvious the whole time. If they could hack the feed to flood it with false information, they could have just as easily hacked it to rig the results long enough to free Jon and evac the team from the planet.


I tend to disagree with the last part of that analysis. I think the false info operation was on point as to how things actually work, and a comment on the last election. Disinformation is so much more powerful and persuasive than out right hacking. Hacking is seen as crossing a line with direct action, whereas false information injected into social media gets the people to do the work for you. To champion it themselves.

Its like the difference between a heist and Inception. Letting the people spread the lies themselves makes it look like their idea.


This is exactly how I felt about the episode.


That last episode reminded me of the kind of social media critique you might see in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.

I really, REALLY liked the ending. (Switch the bloody thing off.)