The Other Guys

Apparently there is not a thread for this surprisingly great film. It’s pretty much the American version of Hot Fuzz.

After slogging through a certain recently released film that shall remain nameless, it feels almost like a rebirth to see a competently directed action movie.

Gee alex, that nameless movie wouldn’t just happen to be Inception, would it? Because it’s not like nearly every post of yours in this forum since it came out isn’t also used to bash it. I’m seriously starting to wonder if the Nolans shot your dog and burned your house down or something.

But who gives a shit, right? Cuz you’re clearly here to talk about The Other Guys, not Inception.

The Other Guys was awesome. HUGE improvement over Step Brothers, which I kind of hated.

The scene where My Hero plays was fantastic. And the idea for the foreign children’s cartoon, but I was the only one in the theater laughing at that one. But it was funny, dammit.

Definitely a good use of Ferrel and Marky Mark. Should make a good extended DVD. Go see it.

I loved this movie, it’s my favorite since Role Models. I’m not a big fan of Ferrell but he was great here. Wahlberg also did a great job as more than just the straight guy (though he played that well). But the real comedy comes from the unexpected strangeness of the humor, which is always my favorite.

Many comedy’s have a few bizarre side jokes thrown in. Little weird things that are thrown out then passed quickly over. But this movie is full of them.

I’m looking forward to seeing it again, and thats very rare for me and comedies.

I just saw this. I laughed quite a bit, but it reminded me of Dinner for Schmucks in that it has a razor-thin plot that’s just there for the actors to improv against. That’s why the jokes are so weird - they weren’t written but made up on the spot.

Thumbs up. Went in expecting very little and ended up laughing quite a bit. The whole theater was in stitches in some parts.

The Other Guys was awesome just has seen it last night was pretty good


Not bad!

Mark Wahlberg is funny when angry

Pretty funny movie. While it lacked the script discipline of Hot Fuzz it had a shitton more money to pour into some spectacularly funny car chases and some nice cameos. Coogan appeared in both, of course.

The villains and their scheme was only slightly more memorable than the evil plot in Snakes on a Plane (organized crime guys trying to kill a witness? Samuel L. Jackson was in it too, with snakes.) But I thought the end credits were craaazy! Suddenly an amiable buddy-cop movie by way of the Improv turned into a data dump about the recent excesses of Wall Street. It was the Underlying Theme of the screenplay served to us by Flash. Somebody had an enormous axe to grind…unless it was all, you know, for funzies. Maybe they just used the Rage Against the Machine’s cover of “Maggie’s Farm” because no one has used an RATM song over closing credits since the Matrix movies and that is subtly hilarious.

So in the end, not as good as Hot Fuzz, but lots better than Snakes on a Plane.

Oh, and in Michael Keaton’s character’s office, there were three ballcaps: NYPD, FBI, and ATF. I wonder if the FBI and ATF hats were nods to his Ray Nicollet character in Jackie Brown and Out of Sight? Or was it just a bit of characterization, like Tom Sizemore’s character in Saving Private Ryan sweeping some Omaha Beach sand into a new container next to other soil containers marked “North Africa” and “Italy”?

“Aim for the bushes.”

Without a doubt my favorite scene in the movie.

I wonder if that black bad guy with a fro was a reference.

I thought the ATF/FBI hats were a nod to Nicollet (of course, I’ve seen both Jackie Brown and Out of Sight recently, so the character was on the brain).

I really liked this, and I think it will age well. The whole lion/tuna schpiel was great.

It was such a long take. Plus, there were no bushes.

I forgot McKay even directed Step Brothers - this is much closer to the quality of his older stuff. I also completely forgot just how bat-shit insane his stuff was. There was no dedicated straightman and some scenes had no straightman at all, so the whole move has this weird surreal aspect to it.

I think some will be disappointed that they won’t be able to repeat as many lines over and over as they were from Anchorman, and I was sort of disappointed with the callbacks. “Soup kitchen” and “desk-pop” were it?

I wonder if McKay’s directions to Wahlberg consisted of “Okay, do Andy Samberg doing you. Aaaannnnnnnnd ACTION!”

Another good Will Ferrell movie? Maybe the apocalypse is happening sooner than we think? The only movies he’s done that I’ve liked are Elf and Stranger Than Fiction. It saddens me when comedians who have potential get saddled with comedies with weak scripts with nothing but gags rather than clever writing. It’s why I was really impressed with Stranger Than Fiction, as it showed another side of him that we don’t see in cheap comedies. In general, I think they need better agents.

Saw this last weekend and thought it was good, but not great. I liked Step Brothers quite a bit more, and felt this was roughly on a par with, or maybe a bit below, Anchorman. Ferrell’s best movie is still “Stranger than Fiction” by a pretty large margin.

My primary gripe with The Other Guys was the pacing. Some gags went on a little too long, and there were some moments when it dragged a bit too much.

But when it was funny, it was really funny.

I laughed a lot watching this, but at the end, I was really surprised at how… incompetent the whole movie was. I’m a huge fan of non sequitur, but overall, this movie made no sense. Even the funny bits came out of nowhere and immediately fell away.

I’m really surprised by the reviews on this and the comments in this thread. I feel like I missed something while I squirmed in my seat.

Watched this streaming last night, and it was pretty good. The whole pimp/hot women love Farrell thing never got tired for me. The main thing I didn’t like was Wahlberg, he always sounds like he’s exasperated rather than angry. Also <Quint> He’s got dead eyes . . . a doll’s eyes. </Quint>


I thought it was pretty retarded but I laughed quite a bit through the movie.

I liked how the chief kept saying TLC songs.