The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space

That will resolve the companions dying bug. Nice.

I’m at Scalla doing the final “trippy” part of Vicar Max’s story but keep having the game crash on me. This is the only time the games crashed and I’ve verified the integrity of the game files. Can’t continue cause I can’t get back to the ship, looks like I’m just going to have to wait until the patch or restore a previous save and avoid this quest.

Had a bit of time to play yesterday, got my crew now up to 3 people with the addition of a sawbones.

I wrapped it up just now, about 21 hours on my save game and 23 hours on record. Overall I give it a B+ and have to say I really did enjoy my time in this world! It’s gorgeous, which helps, and the gunplay and moment to moment action felt awesome, which was key. I would have liked a little more variety in the companion perks, and more interesting character perks (I often couldn’t decide what to pick because nothing seemed all that useful/good). There is too much loot in the game - there is a wide variety of weapons but for all that I found what worked early and upgraded it with Tinker and used only a few different weapons through the game. Probably too much loot laying around in general. But I was playing on a mix of Hard/Normal so if I wanted more of a challenge I would have gone Super Nova. Maybe next time.

I got a fantastic ending, I’m very pleased with how the end-game went for me, and I really dug the characters and most of the quests were fun or interesting in some way. Great game, will play again some day! Hopefully after some DLC…

Obsidian needs to get their loot system together I recall Dungeon Siege 3 (which was underrated, a pretty solid title) had an overabundance of useless loot.

There was rarely an item that was an overall improvement, more like here’e an extra point or percentage here, but we’re taking it out of this other skill that may also be useful to your class/build.

I’m in the middle of questing in Monarch and loot fatigue is starting to set in. However, my melee guy has just discovered the flamethrower and that has jazzed me up for the time being!

I got to Byzantium and the abundance of loot starts to parody itself. Who just leaves ammo boxes on the side of the street?

This is where it really doesn’t fit the environment.

I want to talk to the “loot placement designer”. You’re in a metropolitan city with shops and vending machines every ten feet…do we also really need ammo and weapon cache crates that look like they fell out the back of a dirty cargo freighter also sprinkled around town mucking up the idyllic township?

I was kinda thinking twice about this purchase. Especially during the ridiculously long download. But since I got it I’m really enjoying my (short) time playing it.

Just finished this tonight. Did virtually all the side quests (except the ones that didn’t show because of decisions I made) and spent about 40 hours in it.

Really enjoyed it. Nothing groundbreaking, but some really funny moments, and the recap at the end was nice. Got the “good” ending.

Then I watched the bad ending on YouTube. Definitely quite a different outcome!

I was hoping I could wrap this up over the long weekend. That seemed reasonable to me because in a lot of ways I feel like I’ve seen everything the game has to offer, so my enthusiasm has been waning a bit. But when I looked at my latest save game it says I’ve only spent 16 hours in it, which surprised me. For those who know I’m wrapping up a couple of loose end quests and heading to Byzantium soon. Maybe I’m getting to the point where I only need a 20 to 25 hour game when I’m playing RPG‘s.

I’m in pretty much the same point in the game and kinda in the same situation. I think the lack of challenge and variety is what’s making me want to wrap this up. I want to see the story line through to the end, so I’m not going to quit but the sooner it’s finished the better.

However, I’m playing other RPGs that I’m 30-40 hours into and I’m still enjoying and being challenged by them. So I think it’s just this game that’s missing something and can’t hold the interest as long as others.

Interesting to hear you’re experiencing the same thing that I am. Maybe I’ll just blitz through the main quest to get to the end as opposed to trying to close out all the loose ends before moving on.

I, too, feel like something is missing. I’m still in the first area and was debating last night whether to finish 2 side quests or just skip them to move on to the next area. Only at 7 hours in the game, but the side quests aren’t grabbing me and I’m itching to move on.

I think 25 hours is a perfect length for an RPG provided it has good pacing, engaging game mechanics and little padding.

The Outer Worlds took me 44 hours to complete. I did all side quests, faction quests, companion quests, and tasks encountered. Although it can be completed a lot sooner as almost all of this is optional.

As it turns out I could complete it over the weekend, and I just finished it. I did the main storyline, all the companion quests, and most of the others I found. I did start doing a bit of a beeline for the main quest once I got to Byzantium, though it’s not clear to me there are many side quests there! I got a lot of warm fuzzies from the end cutscene (pretty sure I got one of the “goodest” endings). So I’m glad I completed it. Game says I took 21 hours.

I definitely started suffering from an excess of not terriby exciting loot - I barely upgraded my weapons and armor over the last half of the game, because I never found something worth upgrading to. I just kept tinkering with my weapons and keeping them close to my level. Once I hit Byzantium and beyond there weren’t really many opportunities to find better stuff. Heck, the only fancy purple energy weapon I found was as part of the main questline. I used a tossball stick as my melee weapon for the first half of hte game and a plasma cutter for the last half… never really found anything better…

Played on Normal - and as many have discussed, it never got terribly hard. I died maybe three times total. I ended up just rushing/leaping into battle with my melee weapon, as it was a great deal of fun to whack away at the enemies.

I got a bit frustrated in Byzantium, as it felt that a lot of the quests relied on finding and/or generating key cards. This was my Dumb Scientist guy, so I had only around 10 in hack, and for the last half of the game I had very few thing I could open (even boosting myself with consumables and switching to a hack headpiece). But I don’t think it mattered all that much. I ended up with 100 in 1-Handed weapons and Science, and 70-ish in the dialog skills and Engineering and Medical. Everything else was around 20.

All in all I enjoyed the game and am looking forward to seeing what Obsidian comes up with next.

Once I got to Byzantium the combat portion of the game was mostly over for me. Although my character was a savvy persuasive Scientist-Engineer-Hacker-Locksmith Extraordinaire! (all the skills I had at 100 by then)

Zero points invested in combat related skills. Pretty sure I got the optimal best #1 positive feel good ending

Funny. I had my skills in the mid 60s by then but there were a couple of conversation trees I couldn’t activate (like getting into one building where you need 100 in Lie or 85 (?) in Persuade. I was just a bit short.

I thought it was interesting that you could “reset” your disguise shroud with good enough conversational skills.

Yeah and also depending on who blows your shroud, a human or a robot, you use different skills. A robot caught me twice…the second time I just used binary.

I thought I’d like this game but:
There’s too much loot in this game. Too many containers and lockers and drawers and bodies full of stuff I just don’t want. Vending machines everywhere with stuff I will never use or consume. Vendors that sell stuff I don’t have the time to care about. Weapons, weapons, weapons, and a zillion upgrades for these weapons and armor that just make me too exhausted to try and understand their small benefits. Ammo of all types just lying around everywhere. Instead of 196 bullets for my gun, I now have 204. There’s no sense of limits, no need to be careful with my resources because there’s a shit-ton of everything everywhere.

And the colors! Bright, shiny colored landscapes and buildings and creatures, and oh hey, look at that sky with all its moons and planets, and stars.

God, I sound like Tom now, being hyper-crittical about a game a lot you apparently like. It must be Monday. Sorry.


The last half of the game all I used vendors for was to quickly sell my junk so I wouldn’t be over encumbered.