The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space

I love it. YMMV of course. :)

Man ain’t that the truth. Too much loot! So many boxes and whatevs. If this game gets a serious “survival” mode (damage increases and a LOT less resources) I will try it again.

Its very worth getting, the end game falls off from Obsidians greatness, but its worth a play and I’ll be playing it again. The Firefly theme homage ensured that…even if it was only ok…and it was much better than that.

Try Supernova Difficulty. It includes needing to eat, drink, and rest from damage, a LOT more depth! You can forget about saving your crew though, it’s insta death for them…

I’m 19 hours in, with all the companions and half finishing with Monarch, and I think I’m going to drop the game at this point. Which is surprising, if you would have told me some months ago that I was going to drop a FPS/RPG from Obsidian I wouldn’t have believe you, but I’m finding it between mediocre and painfully average (with dips to ‘bad’) in most areas: combat, balance, character progression, questing and skills, dungeon design, exploration, looting, half of the companions, main story… (19 hours in and it’s still as uninteresting as in the first hour, ‘we need to get some chemicals’).
For reference, some of my favorite games are other FPS/RPGs like F:NV, SS2, Deus Ex, Prey, etc

I’m playing it and thinking ‘maybe I should invest my limited hours in Disco Elysium’, instead of truly enjoying.

Damn it, where are you Huxley?

That’s about as far as I got as well… trudging across Monarch, shooting giant bugs, for what now? I don’t remember. That’s my feeling about this game; zero investment in the story and supremely forgettable. Haven’t played in a week and don’t really feel compelled to return and now I’m back with Fallout 4 which does everything with this setting and genre about 100x better, IMHO

Bug fixed

There are a ton of fixes in that patch:

Yeah I was disappointed too.

I played a bunch more of this over the weekend, after I couldn’t figure out what new game I should start. I mean, I should plow through this game already in progress right? It’s not as if I hate the game or get no enjoyment. I really think it was just kind of a bad taste left behind by my wrapping up the first planet unfavorably, and then not seeing much of interest on the Groundbreaker.

But this weekend I started and completed events on Monarch. I say completed, I guess I should say the main questline that occurs there, because it’s entirely possibly future events will bring me back. And I really enjoyed all the ins and outs and plot twists that took place there. Not as wild about all the, uh, wildlife rampaging around and trying to either dissolve me in acid or eat me alive. But I think the main thing is that I was able to bring this questline to a successful close, or at least one that seemed more or less equally favorable to the parties involved. I know, interesting choices and all that, maybe one choice shouldn’t be obviously better, but I did at least have to put the legwork in to get there. Next I head to Byzantium, hopefully it will be pretty cool too.

I played Rebel Galaxy Outlaw until I got the Outer Worlds. I played Outer Worlds until I got Phoenix Point. Finish a game? Nonsense!

I watched Tom play last week, so Phoenix Point is basically just Xcom? Or is there more to it than that?

To me it’s X-COM Apocalypse 2.0. And that is completely positive.

I like the Phoenix Point setting a lot more than the somewhat generic feeling nu-XCOM.

Also I noticed last night that the ship’s hold now appears to contain several ox or bison looking creatures. How the heck did that happen? Is my crew taking livestock orders in their spare time?

My biggest complaint once you pierce the learning curve (from insanely easy to brutal, then normal once you figure out how to build a effective team) is that there is more tactical combat than i would like. The strategic layer has a lot of depth I want to explore and seems like the tactical missions just keep coming before i can explore my alliances , or what tech i want to steal.

Man I keep mixing up Outer Worlds with Phoenix Point.

I think it is just one of the many “random” events that trigger when you re-enter the Unreliable. Like when ADA announces “so and so and so and so are arguing in the kitchen.”

It is flavor, like purpleberry.

Easter egg from firefly