The Outer Worlds - Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas in Space

Still shows $2 for 2 Month for me.

The original advertisement was that it ended September 20th. Which frustrates me as I tried to wait until the last minute of the deal so maximize my time with Outer Worlds.

There must be a lot of pressure on Obsidian right now to squash bugs. The game comes out in 2 weeks, no matter what, at this point. And since it will be day one on Game Pass a LOT of people will be playing it right away.

I really hope being owned by Microsoft means they’re getting a lot of support on the bug-quashing side from their new corporate owners.

It’d be a company first.

Yep. That’s why I’m really nervous for them right now.

I’m sure they are getting support on it. The only question would be whether they came in too late in development to “save” it from the perennial problems of being understaffed.

And of course, they aren’t working with the shitty Gamebryo engine this time, which’ll help. (they aren’t right? lol)

The other funky part is that the game is being published by 2K. So presumably they’re the ones that are supposed to provide the QA part as the publisher. I think.

I don’t think Obsidian and Microsoft mix well in the bug department, but I hope for the best.

Correct, it’s Unreal Engine 4.

Devs working on FNV have praised gamebryo. FNV has never realised its potential as fully as F3 and it’s obvious that by the time of expansions they got much better with it and made locations and quests with much better design.

With this game they would have to write a lot of stuff included in gamebryo it from scratch and I expect it to perform worse than FNV.

Where is it being released on the PC? On the steam page it says sometime in 2020. Is this going to be on the epic store or some other place?

October 25th on the Epic Game Store and Microsoft Store. I don’t know if you can buy it from the latter, but it will at least be available there through Game Pass PC.

Ever the optimist. FNV had a brisk 18 month dev cycle and the scope of the game was massive. It is miracle work. The Outer Worlds has a much tighter scope and significantly longer dev cycle. (probably close to 4 years) I except it to perform rather well.

Where is this hostility coming from?

Gamebryo was optimized to do magic with exactly the kind of games it was used in - huge open world RPGs. Previously Obsidian worked with Unreal for Alpha Protocol and that game had tiny levels with very limited interaction. Pillars of Eternity 1-2 has small locations and not a lot of stuff on them but still manages to put high end machines on their knees and loading takes a lot of time.

Here they’re doing all the big open world RPG things that no one apart from Bethesda seems to be able to pull off. So either it’s much less ambitious than people think or it’s a mess. If we’re lucky than it’s nowhere close to FNV level of interactivity and more like Alpha Protocol but with bigger levels - no persistent world, no detailed environment, static NPCs, static environment, every item is stored in a chest or something.

You present a false dichotomy based on nothing no one is saying. The Outer Worlds isn’t even purporting to be a big open world RPG, and thank god for that. Knowing Tim and Leon’s past cRPGs though, it will be anything but static.

If anything it should shame Bethesda into making an actually RPG next time.

They have stated it’s a much smaller game than something like Fallout. This isn’t hidden information. I think you are jumping to an awful lot of conclusions, but I guess if that’s your thing more power to you.

Qt3 has it’s first gamebryo fanboy. More power to you @alekseivolchok, don’t let the hivemind intimidate you. Gamebryo was the best right?*

(*Disclaimer: I don’t agree).

Strange to see so strong feelings for an old game engine. Never know when you hit a collective nerve I guess.

Are their feeling any stronger than yours?

That said, it isn’t the game engine that’s the issue, it’s more the belief that your statement had a number of inaccuracies in it.