The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


Absolutely we were agreed that all three options were fine for you to pick.

So if you’re good, you had the bad luck to choose someone we are now certain is evil. That’s a 1/3 chance.
If you’re evil, there wasn’t a choice, you just pretended to randomise and chose a certainty.

So while it wasn’t suspicious at all at the time, it’s looking a lot more likely to be indicative now we have the information that Dave is evil.


I agree with this generally (I said so early on) but it doesn’t offer any explanation for why Dave doesn’t fail the mission.

Label Kane Casey scott Dave Snebmi rowe rho soon Team 1 Team 2/3 Team 4
U X X X 1 2 1
W X X X 1 2 0
X X X X 1 2 1


I’m going to stick with my Kane-Dave-Snebmi evil trio. The easiest explanation for Dave not failing mission 2 is that he simply forgot. Nothing else really makes sense. I look forward to the post game discussion though, if there was some sort of metagame afoot.




Forgot to fail it because I forgot I was Evil? Ha!


I’ve played countless games with Dave - you’ve played one! He is not…orthodox. In a good way! Except this game, which was in an evil way.


I’d bet on you forgetting that Snebmi was covered by the Spotlight. Or I’m completely wrong and Scott put the Spotlight on Snebmi and then didn’t vote fail for some long con purpose but it seems unlikely.


I’ve seen him play erratically - he once took Nikolaj on a mission and refused to take Brian, who Nikolaj had vetted as Resistance. But forgetting he’s Evil seems like a stretch.


Completely forgetting he’s evil would be a stretch, yes. But evil easily loses track of things because they have all the info already. That’s my best guess, that he forgot he could easily fail it with you in the Spotlight.


Ah, I thought you meant he forgot his role (based on his response). This makes more sense.

Of course, since I know I’m not Evil, I’m not going to put too much weight on figuring out your theories.





I think you should give the Eye to whoever because it’s useless (give it to Dave as rowe suggested just for LOL, or do something else).

You’re the first in line in the chain so I’d want it to go to you but that can’t happen, so I think it should go to scott.

Obviously the team I want you to run is:

But that’s your choice. I’ve got no chance of leadership (unless you give out the strong leader poorly) so all I can do is advise.


I would vote yes for that team.


Me too, hopefully we have a 3rd game.


I’d be in for another round if you guys aren’t sick of me. I know I talk a lot.


I’d rather have players that talk a lot than those that stay quiet most of the game, whether evil or good.


I just realized 23.5% of the posts here are mine. Now I need to keep that up in future games so if I’m Evil or Good or Percy or Merlin it’s always the same.

Welp, I’m having fun. So, I’m in for another round.


You should join the BSG games! Like Avalon, but with bullets (well, bullet. In one case with one character. And not very much like Avalon really.)


I might once I get the hang of managing my workload with IRL stuff and Codenames and Avalon. But I want to at some point.