The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


Is this where you reveal that you and soon are evil and you’re ending the game early without dragging it out because you have all the cards you need?


If that card situation is correct, then there are no team-killing cards in the hands of an evil player. Does anyone disagree with that?


Narrator: No.


I think that if it is true, we’ve lost because:

1: voted down
2: Scott spy team
3: Scott Strong Leader
4: Rho NC or soon CP or Scott is on the team
5: Scott NC

So I’m willing to believe it’s not.


I mean, I know V, Y, and Z are technically possible, but I know I’m good so V is out; and Y and Z alternate @soondifferent and @rho21 so at most there is one team-killing card available to evil. And even that seems very unlikely.


Because the cards DO appear to be in good hands, I don’t think the team voting will end up telling us much more. All 3 people not on the team will vote no while the team members will mostly vote yes, though obviously we might get a stray no as well.


Yeah, I’m coming around to consensus, I’ll vote yes to whatever scott proposes.


Yikes. If only I knew who to propose.


Right, I can’t see a stronger argument than the one for X.

The argument is that it’s the only one which offers an explanation for the central mystery of this game, which is why did mission 2 succeed?

Mission 2 was Scott, Snebmi, Dave and Rowe. Scott spotlighted Snebmi. If the evils were Dave and Snebmi, that gave Dave a green light to fail the mission. On the other hand, if the evils were Dave and Rowe, the risk of a double fail was huge, and a double fail would out both of them, at least to me, since I would know that voted success, and everyone would know that Snebmi voted success.

So if Dave and Rowe were the evils on team 2, then Snebmi told the truth about Casey, and Casey is the third evil.

Other things are possible, but without any other information, this is the best rationale I can come up with.

My team 5B is:


Tagging @Lantz


This is correct.


Team 5B
@scottagibson (leader)

Accepting all votes.

@soondifferent if you choose to use Chicago Proxy please announce in channel.


I mean, except all the evidence I laid out that I was good. I said I’d vote yes no matter what though, so I’m assuming this team will pass, especially with evil on it.


We have an two NCs in play so if it passes suspiciously we can nuke it. We just have to be mindful that Evil may try to make us distrust a Good team.


There’s really no suspicious way for it to pass. The four good members on the team vote yes, the evil team member votes yes, the team passes. The only reason the first team didn’t pass is soon voted no.


Everyone votes yes?


That won’t happen because I made sure good players got the NC cards, as far as I could tell.


Which is weird if you’re good.


Hey if you’re not going to take the evidence into account, not much I can do. Would rather just get to the post-game discussion so I can figure out why mission 2 didn’t fail.


I agree it sounds far more Evil than Good, but it seems to me like Rowe is getting tired of the game and wants to move on. It sounds a lot like giving up to me.

I’m going to go out of game for a second: Rowe, if you aren’t having fun anymore, I’m sorry. Regardless of what role anyone is I want them to have fun playing.


If there was actual evidence, I would. The problem is that there really isn’t. There’s just a string of events and then speculation about what they might mean. All is clouded by desire, as a fire by smoke, as a mirror by dust.