The Resistance: Avalon + The Plot Thickens Forum Game #??


I mean I guess I could have put all 4 evils on the 2nd team and somehow secretly signaled that only one of us should fail it but it seems a bit unlikely!


Hah, yes. Good point.


If evil all voted yes for every dirty team and no for every clean team this game would be easier.


Just saying it’d be weird if Thraeg doesn’t use his NC when a player he says he knows is 100% evil voted to approve this team.


As indicated before, I will exercise my option to eliminate this team with extreme prejudice.

no confidence


Also very weird that Craig wouldn’t wait to see if Thraeg would use his first. Like very weird.


Sorry in a work meeting before, and going to be very busy rest of the day. Life practicalities demand I do it now, or maybe not for another 10+ hours.


If Threag and Craig both want to use NC, Craig’s goes through as he is first in the player order.

CraigM has used No Confidence.

@scottagibson, would you like to play Strong Leader to become leader of Team 3D?

If not, @Lantz will select a team for 3D.

I think it has been ruled that Strong Leader does not count as a failed vote, but if I’m wrong, please tell me. But I think it will be Team 3D either way.


Strong Leader doesn’t count, it is just Team 3D


That’s what I thought, but I wanted to be sure.


Thraeg had first shot at it as this is Casey’s team proposal. Should follow player order from the leader.


Need to stress that we absolutely have to vote for this Lantz team as Thraeg will use NC and force the evil win.


Ah, I was going based on original player order. We can wait for @Thraeg but I think now that Craig has said he’ll use his NC Thraeg will be fine keeping his. The order thing really matters for Strong Leader, when you reap benefits when you play the card.


Yeah, that’s fine. I wasn’t planning to use mine anyway. I’m pretty suspicious of Rho, but also concerned about how close we’re getting to 5 failed votes. At this point it seems like the risk of including an evil on the team is less severe, since we still have one more shot to recover from a failed mission.


@scottagibson, will you use Strong Leader?


I will not use SL.


Once again, good players need to approve team 3d.


Confirming @scottagibson will not use Strong Leader.

@Lantz, please select a four-knight team for 3D.


It’s going to be a while. I have some ideas perculating but I have family stuff going on tonight. Please bicker among yourselves.

When it’s so quiet I assume evil might be railroading us effectively. More on that later.


Actually, I will put one oddity on the table. @CraigM gave @scottagibson the strong leader on what I consider fairly flimsy (although not insane) grounds and now Craig has used his NC to give Scott a strong chance at both the 4th and 5th round cards…