The serious business of making games

Our in development mech-based strategy game (well, turn based tactics, but I don’t see a strategy game being an issue either, given the application process) got funding from both the EU directly and from a national fund using EU funds.

Congrats on that. I haven’t been encouraged by the experiences I’ve heard from local gamedev communities, but as I said - perhaps I’m just being overly pessimistic. I certainly hope so.

The main thing about Apple Arcade that’s strange to me is that it’s impossible to purchase a perpetual license to any of the games. Literally the only way to play them on an iPhone is to subscribe.

One of my favorite parts about Game Pass is that once a game has been on the service for a couple of months, you can purchase a permanent copy of it for a 20% discount.

This is a front page NYTimes article today:

Do I want to read this?

Shouldn’t this be in the games journalism thread instead?

Edit: Oops I missed it’s focus on industry members. My bad.

This is a nice story.

Refugees in the business of making games… politics! Or you know, just a glimpse at life for some people.

I read this article a few days ago. He’s a remarkable guy, traveling that distance just to charge the laptop, learning himself and all because his mom spent two years to even save up for a cheap laptop. I hope they do very well.

That’s a lovely story, look forward to checking out his game.

Seems like this extremely detailed Reddit AMA by Arcen Games is relevant to this thread:

Things of interest to this thread: insights into the Steam indie game market changes over the years. Lots of specific revenue numbers on games. Talk about this a development model involving volunteers that’s very reminiscent of the Chucklefish drama, except Park appears to have been a lot more thoughtful about it.

(Thanks to @lordkosc for posting this in the AI War 2 thread).

I am the best at posting things relevant to multiple threads! ;)


I do not seek to financially harm game projects currently published by Dangen Entertainment.

Huh? But… Okay!

I tried reading the post for a couple of minutes. I don’t know if it is the formatting of that website or purely the writing, but I couldn’t make out enough to reach any conclusion on veracity of the accusation. That anonymous poster needs an editor.


Damn. The post is gone now. Apparently I waited too long to read it:

It was like pages and pages and pages of intertwining, convoluted Tweets and chat captures bookended by a couple sentences of article here and there. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it other than to see the article started off defensively with a bunch of disclaimers before flagrantly hurling accusations left and right.

It was a great read if you’re into schadenfreude.

Thanks. Sounds like the post you just made saved me a ton of time. 42 minutes according to @JD’s link estimate.

I skimmed it and I think it was only relevant if you were in a position to consider working with them (i.e. indie game looking for a publisher (in Japan?)).

I was a fan of Van Basten when I first started following football in 1990. If it had been any other time, I’d have said “awww, he apologized, he was probably only joking when he said Sieg Heil”. But with right wing nationalism rising around the world, it seems a really bad time for such “jokes” if that’s what it was.

Good on EA.