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I guess this belongs here as well.


@Draxen posted a very interesting link on the Rebel Galaxy thread


As an aside, I keep thinking about starting EQ up again.


Basically you take the numbers from an achievement, and reverse calculate how many players there are for that game. I’m not sure why this is a thing now, wasn’t someone doing this before?

Anyway, here’s the site in question compiling all the numbers so far:


Previously they were only giving percentages I believe. But now if they give a hard number, then you can combine the two to get the number of players that ever powered on the game. Which isn’t necessarily the same as “players” or “buyers” but unless it was part of a PS Plus freebie promotion it should be pretty close.


Oh, this is awesome. Combined with last summer’s leak of accurate rather than estimated Steam player counts, it’s possible to cross-check the 25/25/50 rule of thumb for PC/Xbox/PS4 sales.

Here’s the intersection excluding games that were free on a platform at some point, where the new PS4 data is region-specific, or where the game was previous gen and just remastered for PS4.

Game PS4 PC Factor
Dark Souls III 4.6M 3.3M 1.4x
Dirt 4 745k 270k 2.7x
Doom 3.9M 3.1M 1.25x
F1 2017 1M 390k 2.5x
Metro 2033 Redux 1.6M 2M 0.8x
No Man’s Sky 4M 1.4M 2.85x
Project Cars 2.5M 1M 2.5x
Prey 1M 700k 1.42x
Resident Evil 7 6M 660k 9x
Rise of the Tomb Raider 3.8M 2.4M 1.58x
Rocket League 22.6M 10.1M 2.23x
Thief 2M 1.3M 1.5x
Wolfenstein II 1.4M 550k 2.5x

Especially given the 6 months of extra sales in those PS4 numbers, it does look like the proportion of PC sales is bigger than the rule of thumb would have suggested. (Except maybe driving games?)


Wait, did Fallout 76 seriously sell 400K on PS4? So its total sales are very likely under a million?


Yes, almost certainly under 1M across all platforms.

The article speculates that there could be some kind of data delay involved which would distort the results for recently released games. But it’s over a month after release of F76, so that seems unlikely to matter.


I remember FO4 shipping 12 million on launch date and 1.2 million on PC alone in the first 24 hours. They never provided updated numbers after that, but…if they shipped even half the number of copies, I am not surprised about the discounts.


Other thing that can inflate PS4 numbers over PC numbers are rentals/multiple accounts using the same disk right?

Some of those numbers are kind of insane.
Like I know GTAV is big, but 51.7 million? Out of 86 million PS4s total.


Interesting. Never saw it as a good sign when the money people start leaving.


Blizzard’ll be fine, Activision will be happy to lend over their money people.


Activision Blizzard’s CFO also left.

But there is always a never-ending stream of money people to step up.


Oh, see when I read “Activision Blizzard*.*” by brain just naturally filters out the Activision part.


Unity seems to have banned cloud-based middleware.

Some info not behind a paywall at Gamasutra


That’s just one solution/ Company they banned. Not really anything to write home about from Unity’s perspective (although a big deal regarding the middleware developer).

It’s a ban to that specific middleware after they were in violation of an EULA.

This is the middleware’s company fault. They built a solution in violation of EULA and failed to comply for more than a year after notification. Note that the EULA requires an special license, it’s not a ban (PSNow and other streaming services are authorized).

Cloud based middleware offers affordable solutions for projects with limited budget, but it’s always scary to base the foundations of a project on a service you don’t own and can’t guarantee will work in the future.




Improbable isn’t some fly-by-night group, they’re a pretty significant up and coming developer. Unity shutting them out is a big deal, and I hope they didn’t take it lightly.


I’ve talked to some of the guys at Improbable… They have some tech which seems very interesting on the surface, but some of it seemed kind of hand wavy. They’ve received a ton of venture capital, but I got a distinct music man vibe from some of their presentations.

I’m curious as to what part of Unity’s EULA they were in violation of, specifically. It’s kind of too bad, as one of the things we’d have integrated some of their stuff with would have been a unity simulation.


So… uhh…

I thought the bump was talking about this?

Bungie has obtained the rights to continue making Destiny games outside of Activision. Glad they were able to break off. It sounds like the annualization of Destiny was the biggest problem they had with working with Activision.