The Sinking City - Open-world, Lovecraft, investigations

And it has a Steam store page again!

Error is one of my favorite genres

I don’t understand what’s going on here. Frogwares, the original developer of The Sinking City, is dissuading people from buying the recent re-release because they weren’t involved in developing this version of the game? Apparently it’s an earlier, unpatched version? This is weird.

It sounds like they are not publishing the game on Steam, but someone else (the publisher they are in a fight, I guess), that would explain it, if they won’t see a dime of those sales.

But according to the article, looks like Frogware does own the rights on Playstation, where they have re-released the game. It’s like they have joint custody of the game with their publisher.

This is very common, especially with European made titles. Platform, distribution method (physical versus digital), and region are all separate aspects when drawing up publishing and distribution agreements.

I finally got around to playing this and it was…pretty fun? One nice aspect is that somewhere into the narrative, the protagonist realises how bullshit it all is and just becomes increasingly annoyed and sarcastic with everyone, in a way that is just the right side of the line straddling ‘entertaining’ and ‘obnoxious’.

Wow. Welcome back!

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Glad to hear its not totally bad, I hope to play it someday. :)

Also how much beef have you eaten in 8 years?

More than you’d think!

I’ve been alternating it with Call of Cthulhu, which is more of an adventure game. Both games have a protagonist who is similar on paper - washed up alcoholic ex-something investigating stuff in a decaying town. Sinking City has more fun with the premise; CoC is a more serious take. I’ve enjoyed both so far.

The STEAM version of this does include all story dlc, I saw multiple posts on the Steam forums confirming it.

Which Steam version? The old one that’s disabled for purchase, or the one you can buy now?

The new one on sale. I am playing now trying to get a to a point past the first mission where a DLC mission if it is in game, should present itself.

Really enjoying the setting and story in this so far. Sad there appear to be no steam achievements.

Yep dlc is in this, I just got a bunch of Mystic Tome dlc notes.

Still sucks the publisher and developer are still fighting over this game in court.

I liked my time with it. I think I got about 2/3 the way through on PS4. I should get back to it, dammit, I just hardly ever fire up that console. I did just pick up Dreams for the PSVR, though. Perhaps I should lay off the Xbox for a few.

Does anyone know if the PC version that Frogwares directs you to on Gamesplanet has the same enhancements and loading times as the PS5?

I’ve never seen this kind of video from an official account before:

The publisher also released a statement on the Steam page:

What’s also weird is Nacon still got it wrong.

Thus, this version contains only the base game, without any additional content.

Is not true. The version on Steam comes with the story DLC. It just doesn’t have the cosmetic and XP boosting DLC.

Edit: The video above from Frogwares even explains how the Deluxe Edition content is part of the files they allege Nacon pirated.

I don’t know who if either is in the right on this, but I do know that it seems like a bad idea to buy until this is sorted out.

Yeah, agreed. It’s all just kind of bad.