The Unbearable Lightness of Koontz

From his blog. for even more resplendent oddness, try here.

I don’t think he is banned, actually.

If not he should be.

Hol(e)y shit.

just curious, what are the comments over there like?

Mostly nonexistent.


I don’t think so.

I’m pretty sure he was banned for saying naughty words to Tom, but we’re not suppose to talk about it so forget I said anything…

What is a yenta anyway?

Banned from IRC, apparently.

Spare the rod…

Did he post more about the domination and the breaking? Can someone post excerpts? I’m not brave enough to dig through the mire on my own.

Isn’t IRC a protocol? So is that like being banned from TCP/IP?

He’s banned from the channel. Also, I’m convinced that Koontz is another life form. Like a Protoss.

I didn’t know he worked at Best Buy.

That would explain oh so much.

I’m banned from AppleTalk. There… was an incident.

Poor Koontz. He’s totally out of sorts lately. I blame heartbreak. Of course, flying cross country to creepily showing up on someone’s doorstep at 5am… someone you only know from QT3… then pounding incessantly, proclaiming your passion, until she calls the fuzz? Heartbreak is the least of your problems.

The saddest thing about Koontz is that I always secretly hoped he wasn’t really crazy. But his Internet persona isn’t just some crazy affectation: he’s honestly a very sad, very troubled, very pathetic individual.

Koontz is also in his early 30’s and still lives with his parents, by the way. They are very mean, apparently. He’s also a virgin.

Uhhh… I couldn’t bring myself to read the entire Koontzblog (I didn’t want my brain to explode). WTF are you talking about? Is Koontz Qt3 stalking?