The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - the most Nick Cage movie ever!

Yes, I will have some of this. Please and thank you.

A masterpiece !

That looks pretty awesome actually.

“I’m 44 years old! Why would I have seen Croods 2!!! I’ve seen Gone in 60 Seconds… and Con Air!”

Also, I know it’s a dye job, but it works. Cage does not look 57 in that video.

Every actor needs a Being John Malkovich or JCVD in their filmography to really know they’ve arrived. Good for Nic Cage!

That looks great. Also, I apparently need to dye my hair!

I could watch this. Maybe.

At first I read that as Nick Cave

Hmm, this doesn’t look as good as JCVD but I’ll watch Cage in anything.

That looks absolutely bizarre.

Which is appropriate. I dunno, it might even be good.

I am totally here for this.

My Good Cage / Bad Cage movie night crew will definitely have to make a trip to the theater if this doesn’t come out on some streaming service too.

I do that every time.

Watch at your own risk.

Jesus FUCK

The movie we all deserve.

:Putting Nick Cage and Pedro Pascal together is a stroke of genius.

So dumb.

Looks great.

Now that I see the trailer, the plot is way more conventional than I was hoping…

Is Nic Cage playing a fictional character “Nicolas Cage” who is the average of all of the characters Nic Cage has ever played on film? Or has Nic never really acted, and happens to read lines that are vaguely similar to what is in some script while in front of a camera?