The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


I can’t imagine anything will change their minds unless something happens to their kids. If they’re willing to ignore all the actual evidence out there then they’ll ignore stories like this. I feel terrible for the poor kids that will grow up to possibly share their parents’ beliefs on it.



Anti vaxxers need to be shot in the head.


Or just shipped to Minnesota, apparently. :(


Or forcibly vaccinated, which is probably a worse fate in their minds.


All the anti vaxxers are already vaccinated, because their parents weren’t imbeciles.


Speaking of being in favor of the death penalty…

…not that it hasn’t been fun to have an infant catch a virus here in Minneapolis this last week…

…burn, motherfuckers, I hope you burn.


Dude, I will gut a motherfucker. I got a 3 month old, my daughter gets sick because you’re an ill informed biological terrorist? You best be calling the cops, cause I’m coming for you swinging.


This is the most dangerous development in modern world. And everyone involved should be in jail.


I’d be totally cool with stripping all these anti-science folks (climate change deniers and anti-vaccine folks) of all the benefits of science, most notably their damn smartphones.

Let them “pray” an iPhone 8 into existence.



The anti-vax crowd is clearly winning here. Even on my FB page, which is typically populated with intelligent people, in addition to some challenged family members, we have some vaccine wars that come out. We’ve had several nasty cases of whooping cough the last a few years, and beds at both hospitals have been challenged to capacity due to flu.

I appreciate the concerns parents have, especially with the general lack of trust towards pharmaceutical companies and and growing lack of trust with the government and their healthcare, but there has to be a way to convince them to vaccinate their kids… outside of forcing them to do so to be at public school. The religious out is abused, and charter and private schools might give them an out too.


If someone doesn’t vaccinate their kid and your kid gets sick they should be charged with assault. Or bio-terrorism.


Get rid of personal belief exemptions.


Yes, I’ve said it before, but fuck your personal belief*. There is one, only one, reason you should be allowed to decline vaccinations. Your child is not medically able.

*on this subject


When my oldest was like 6-8 months she had a really bad reaction to the vaccination shot (stopped breathing). No doctor we ever saw ever had an issue with waiting till she was older to finish them out, but having to fill out the forms for every school and having to say it was due to religious belief was kinda bullshit.


Which is why it is even more important that the religious exemption is bullshit. Your kid was medically unable to get those shots at the time. If some chucklenut had started a local epidemic out of some pants on head stupid debunked belief, and your kid got seriously ill with measles or polio?

It ain’t fucking right.


Hopefully it will pass. For once, the US has been following a cultural trend in the UK rather than the other way round. We had a big anti-vax crusade in the wake of the original Wakefield paper but it’s mostly passed now. Second-year MMR vaccination rates are back up to their early 90s levels having dipped to 80% in the early 2000s.


If your media could stop chasing around our politicians like everything that comes out of their mouth is news, they could actually spend some time reminding these parents what these diseases do to children. Despite our ability to really connect with the rest of the world via technology, it feels like our views have narrowed. I really think these people have forgotten how terrible these diseases are since they were largely minimized by the generation before us who ensured we were all vaccinated. Hell I remember having to go in for a second round for one or two of them because there was an issue with the set I got for one year.

My sister is not anti-vax, nor is she local, but she worked with her physician to space out his vaccines a bit more than usual since he was a preemie and he had some allergies early on. She was just concerned with him getting all of them at once but he got them all within a relatively short period of time.

One of the biggest factors behind the push here are kind of the unknown origins of autism, ADHD, depression and allergies which a lot people believe are far more frequently appearing in children now than they used to. As i mentioned before, this is the same group that tends to be non-GMO and organic and generally believes our food is toxic.

I can’t 100% blame them for some of that concern. I am pretty sure some of these companies would sell us oil soaked sawdust if they could.


Have you seen the lawsuits over the composition of Kraft (and others) shredded ‘Parmesan cheese’?

They almost literally were doing this.