The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues



Yeah, the same day the National Review published the David French article about how Republicans “Must” reject the Russia Hoax conspiracies, the National Review editors also decided to publish Conrad Black’s “Mueller’s got Nothing” article.


Payton was anti-vaccine and anti-health care, and died from the flu.


Idiot anti-vaxxers are suggesting that she was killed by vaccines.
Or possibly anti-conservative conspiracies.

Facts can’t impact these people.


more worried about H3N2 in the southeast right now


The answer, in case you don’t want to read the whole article, is ‘no’.


Betteridge’s Law of Headlines (and deks).


Remember when Salon was a thing?

I can, but I have to really try.


Another measles outbreak in New York, 177 total cases.

Last outbreak in 2013 was the same community, blamed on some kids who came back from summer camp in Israel IIRC.

Eye-popping numbers, Europe had 65,000 cases, concentrated in Ukraine/Baltics.


People wonder why I continue to say Republicans are the biggest problems pushing the anti-vax mob, and this reinforces why:

Jim Abeler is a Republican of course.

However, I almost wonder if Minnesota has an alternate reason. A lot of the anti-vax brainwashing is targeted towards Somali immigrants and it stinks of trying to make them vulnerable to disease like what we did to American Indians with blanket smallpox.


which would make it akin to genocide, and here we were talking in a different topic that the Republicans, outside the horrible factions they continue to let sleep next to them, is largely not pushing that. It’s not fair to children or those with compromised immune systems, but some of these people will simply not change until they finally see what these diseases actually do.


Washington State’s governor declared a medical emergency due to a measles outbreak that now seems to be spreading to other states. Ground zero for the outbreak is Clark County, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state. In fact Washington and Oregon have some of the lowest rates overall due to the permissive laws for opting out. So, big measles outbreak in an area with low vaccination rates. Seems pretty easy to figure out why, right?

Dori: Are illegal immigrants responsible for measles outbreak?


Well people are always looking for someone else to blame, so there is that.

These idiot parents who grew up in the safety net of being vaccinated because their parents weren’t idiots are putting their children and anyone who cannot actually have the vaccine at risk to gain essentially nothing.


Hey, looks like I need to go start yelling at some idiots. Brb, driving across the river.

I have a five year old, this shit is personal.


Don’t forget your Outbreak suit.


And my ‘education stick’



Dori Monson. All class, as always. My wife went to go find out if we needed to get re-vaccinated due to these idiots. Apparently, for folks in their 40s, it’s possible you’d need to, but only if a titer test shows lack of immune response.


I’ve been vaccinated multiple times. There was a round I went through as a small kid that wasn’t as good as it should have been so I remember the bulk of our class had to do it again and this time we got to remember the shots. And then because I moved out of state as a kid, it was hard to get the vaccination documents, and the risks for additional vaccines was small so I got some of them again when I went to college.

It seemed like, at the time, the biggest risk they said at the time was not knowing how a child reacts to them, very small percentage has a reaction, but of course i had them before with no issues so they said no real risk now.

The one thing about asking your parents for your vaccination records… yeah that’s rich. Only certain types of parents are going to have that available.


Unvaccinated kids should probably live in compounds with their crazy ass parents so the rest of us can safely avoid them.