The Vast of Night - Amazon Indie-Scifi Movie

Didn’t see an existing topic or mention. New movie on Amazon Prime. If it wasn’t for the great reviews I might never have noticed this new indie scifi film. Out tomorrow so we shall see.

I’m in.

Saw a review for this over on Slate the other day. Sounds interesting.

Thanks for recommendation! I shall check it out over the weekend.

Watched it, not bad at all.

This looks really interesting. I’m slotting it in for the weekend as well. Thanks!

If you have watched it, you may find this interview with the director, Andrew Patterson, on Syfy interesting. Thar be spoilers in there so beware!

Thank you rshetts! Will check out after watching.

I don’t see it of my Prime :(

It had been picked up by Amazon Studios, so I’d expect it to be available in all territories. However, I assume it’s down to the localization for your country not being done yet. I know that’s been the case for some Amazon shows that came out in Germany a bit later for that reason.

Anyway, I watched this. It’s a nice homage to 50s sci-fi movies and definitely feels like an extended episode of Twilight Zone. The plot is pretty straightforward overall. The bit of it being shown on some retro tv was a bit gimmicky though… seems like there wasn’t much to it other than them being able to use a vintage video/audio filter.

Worth watching, but don’t expect it to be some high-concept indie thing like Primer.

I finished watching this just a few minutes ago. I quite enjoyed this. I liked the script. I really, really liked the soundtrack. I’ll be keeping an eye out for whatever Andrew Patterson does next.

Spoiler thought I think one of the things that I liked most about the movie is that there isn’t a big action set piece or shoot em up.

Just did a little reading and now I like the movie even more. @tomchick, if you watch this movie, read the spoiler text as I think it will make you appreciate it a fair bit. I know that I now appreciate it a heck of a lot more.

Spoiler (from Ars Technica article

“I knew what it’d take to make the idea work,” Patterson admits. ”The main technology we used was new at the time, but we’d been using it for three years—it was old to us: a Gimbal, early Movi tech that can offset the bouncing of your camera. But that doesn’t explain how you can get a camera going 35mph down a street through a field over gravel and then to this guy’s backyard.

“It takes multiple departments—grip and electric, camera and the VFX team. And the actual tracking isn’t moving geographically; if you Google Maps the shot you’d be, ‘Huh, that’s 20 miles from here.’ But the shooting of it is 100-percent practical. There is not one moment where some world is invented in a computer, and we flew the camera through it. It’s a mixture of go karts, handoffs, bungee cords, and cranes, and it was mapped out months in advance.”

Sorry for the heavy use of spoiler in the last two posts.

We were wondering if it was a drone shot! That’s crazy.

Enjoyed the film. The actors are clearly talented when you can sustain those long shots of them talking or even just listening…

I liked it. The plot was simple, but the film was more about how it creates tension, suspense, how it expresses confusion or fear, etc.

We assumed that it was a drone though the portion in the gym was so close to the spectators.

We all enjoyed it very much.

This wasn’t an action sci-fi thriller and it wasn’t a cerebral high concept film. It was a well done, entertaining character study set in the early 50’s and wrapped in the skin of an extended twilight zone episode.

Fuck I enjoyed this

I liked this movie. However, I can imagine some people becoming bored with this concerning it’s so dialogue heavy. Honestly, I feel like this could have fit in 45 minutes with better pacing. I really appreciate the effort and they used every bit of money to produce this low budget effort

That seemed like a pretty decent hour-long radio drama. Unfortunately someone made it into a 90 minute movie.