The war on marijuana


Joints half baccy half weed are certainly possible. Used to be common back in the day. I dont see it so much any more though. But yeah I wouldn’t trust Philip Morris as far as I could throw them so worth keeping an eye on this.


Wasn’t it more common to mix hash and hash oil with tobacco? Never did it with weed.


Not sure about the US. You know how drug culture worked back in the day. Kinda different in each city let alone each country.

In the UK at least we had to make do with some nasty ass grass. You kinda needed some decent tobacco to smoke it.

It was also weak af compared to todays stuff. Ah the memories :)


The ones I can remember… :)


Lol. Tbh my weed memories are good. Its the acid & E rave years I cant recall too well. Now that stuff really is a young persons game. I dont think i could handle any of that stuff now I am middle aged.

Great times, great parties, great friends.


They were called spliffs back in high school. A little half and half or so. I had friends who did it when they never had enough weed. You still have blunts today which would qualify, right? Though I thought the initial draw of blunts was to appear as a cigar publicly, though very much not be one.

What is kind of scary regarding addictiveness is that we have reached a point with tobacco where young people know all the danger, but still continue to use it. You might ask yourself, why isn’t the percentage zero? Or will it ever be?


It must be weird to go to a highschool and see almost no one smoking (well I guess technically you wouldn’t see anyone smoking as it’s now banned on campus, at least in Ontario). But I was in high school in 95 and lots of people smoked back then.


It’s more based on high school. We didn’t really have smokers. At one point the only smokers I ever saw were the teachers LOL, and dang did the teachers lounge stink!


It was already pretty rare by the time I was in HS from 2001-2005, though, being the south, a ton of kids dipped.

Now weed was pretty common in my HS, and virtually omni-present in college. Which is unfortunate, since I really fuckin’ hate the smell of weed.


Those are like the Philly Blunts? Those thin, cheap cigars? Don’t they remove some of the tobacco and put in the weed? That was after my time. People smoked joints or bowls or bong hits, but never mixed weed with tobacco.

I remember going to a 7-11 or the like and seeing a young person buying those skinny cigars and thinking it odd that the young person smoked cheap cigars. It was only later someone told me it was a weed thing.


It is, but they run the gamut on cigars and sizes they use for it. The small ones being the ones I’ve seen.


I love you all, but ITT a bunch of old nerds try to figure out the young folks and their mari-hwana cigarettes.


Ha ha – dude, back in the day I was the young dude who knew all about it. Then I got married, started having kids, and moved away from that scene not because I thought it wrong but because I no longer sought it out. I could go to a bar and drink or buy a six-pack and bring it home – why tempt fate with something illegal?

The thing I think is weird is heroin was around when I was experimenting but I was scared of that. That was the worst drug out there, and who wants to inject something into their veins anyway? And now it’s a big thing again. People are dying from it. How did it ever come back?


You are my slightly older spirit brother.

Also yeah man who thinks fucking with heroin is a good idea? Yikes


I am looking forward to legally ingestible weed one of these days. I mean why not? It’s a way of dealing with the aches and pains of the years and just mellowing out a bit at the end of the day. If I’m going to sit on the porch in a rocker I might as well be rocking a bit of a buzz as I watch the world go by.


Only semi-guilty. Ask me about the scene now with available options OUTSIDE of smoking it and you might be surprised at my knowledge.

I think we can all be spirit brothers here as long as someone brings food with them.


In high school (78-82), pot was ubiquitous. My first high school in Portsmouth NH, kids would smoke it during gym when we met outside, or the ‘stoners’ during lunch in the woods behind the school (funnily enough, it was the popular (and rich) kids from Rye Beach who did far more drugs than the stoners, including coke in the back of the class before the bell rang.) I didn’t though, despite looking like a jock I was the quintessential nerd. No drinking or smoking or anything untoward.

After college I did smoke it a few times but never liked it. In fact I don’t really like being in an altered state - with one exception. I was prescribed Xanax for a short time in my 20’s and I really liked that, but haven’t had it since. About the only high I get now is if I have too much caffeine or go through a prolonged period without sleep.


Weed + tobacco is more of a European thing, except for Blunts. Not sure what the actual appeal of Blunts was, though. Maybe it was just easier to roll than a giant joint?


So its agreed then. A Qt3 E3 meetup and we get legally high af together.



I like that idea. It needs a catchy name though, gaming related, naturally.

Red Dead Reefer
Quake and Bake
Path of Exhale
Call of Zooty

Maybe get some of the folks in the cooking thread to watch a few episodes of Bong Appetit and contribute as well.