The war on marijuana


Wrangling the lemur.


We’ve turned offices into Tiki bars on occasion. Those are good days.

God, if we couldn’t drink, the whole company would fall over and die.


According to Rolling Stone "Oregon’s legal industry is currently sitting on approximately 1.3 million pounds of perfectly good pot that state and federal laws prohibit them from selling outside state lines "

By my math, that’s 500 million fatties or almost a billion skinnies.

My mind cannot comprehend that much ganja. Perhaps I need to expand my mind…


Rough math, if we consider that all that isn’t top shelf, lets say it’s 15% yield of cannaboids. Now we’re at 195 thousand pounds of concentrate. That’s a hell of a lot of dabbing.



Paul Ryan is such a party pooper.



They’re going to ruin this guy’s life over nothing.


Legalization nationally.


Seriously, make it part of the platform for 2020 Dems.


I agree.

But even in this case, it’s not marijuana according to the THC levels in the planet. It’s hemp, but Idaho doesn’t test for levels.


Also true. Which makes this particularly offensive to me.


“Medical Marijuana Use ID Card Application has been approved”

-Sweeter words rarely come across the internet.


I wish Minnesota wasn’t so butt-hurt about marijuana, for as liberal as a state we otherwise are.


It’s coming here in Missouri once they get it figured out. I would have liked it for this stupid gout flareup I’m getting over. It’s an anti-inflammatory which is exactly what I need.

Of course once it’s here I don’t know how easy it will be to get a prescription.


Fucking gout.

Speaking for a friend who lives where it’s legal, limited testing has proved that a bit of a special brownie seemed to really help manage a recent gout flare. Recommended.


I just moved to California and I can get legal recreational marijuana delivered to my door faster than a pizza. It’s amazing.


The guy who delivered your pizza was probably high too.


This is probably the best thread to put this in:

I live in MA, and weed is now legal. Yay! My wife has been occasionally partaking in a little bit here and there, and has enjoyed visiting a dispensary to pick out something that could replace a cocktail in the evening. All perfectly fine and legal.

At the same time, she’s recently been interviewing with companies, and got a really fantastic job offer with a large company doing some high-end white collar analysis work for them. The company in question has government contracts, so to her shock, they required a drug test as part of their background check…and while weed is perfectly legal here, the fact that it isn’t at the federal level would disqualify her from the job if she failed her test, as well as disqualify her from even applying to the same company for a year for another job.

She had about 6 days warning before the test, so she tried some at home tests that had her barely passing, so it was quite a stressful week for her. Thankfully, whatever she did worked out as she was able to pass, but it left us both amazed that her perfectly legal activity left her in jeopardy of missing a huge job opportunity because of unequal enforcement.


It doesn’t even have to be a government contract. A company within a state that legalized it is perfectly within their right to fire someone if they test positive because it is still very much illegal federally. Heck the banks around here are trying to make sure they have no account connected with this entire industry. It’s going to remain a mess as long as it remains illegal federally.


Which is why I think it should be part of the party platform the Dems run on. National decriminalization.


Also why I put my reservations about being part of some state-wide registry on the shelf. It feels like taking part in a great experiment for a cause I believe in.

Bob Marley’s words never seemed more apropos: “stand up for your right”.