The Washington Post deserves your support


I subscribed around the end of October. Fantastic work. The Amazon Prime member deal is crazy good. 6 months free and 4 thereafter.

They also have a nice app (Using it on Android phone) and a succinct morning summary message (you can opt in or out of it) of top stories.

I subscribed to the NY times as well once the 45th prez nightmare began, but I’m not 100% certain if I’ll keep it up.


Subscribed last December but as someone who suffers from clinical depression I just don’t read it as much as should because it’s fucking depressing.


It helps if you imagine you’re reading something by Suetonius about the Julio-Claudian Dynasty. Just try not to think about the nukes.


I usually browse the news via the Google News app. Over the past few weeks, a huge number of articles are Washington Post. It is like they are the only outlet left. Pun possibly intended.


I’m still mad at them, too. But as great as the Post’s political coverage has been, The New York Times remains the best daily newspaper in America.

I’ll also plug The Economist as being the best weekly new magazine you can get in English and The New York Review of Books for being good at everything.

This is a great time to support quality news sources!


I had no idea about the Amazon thing and I had pushed the button on a seven day trial or something last week for the Post that was on their website when I couldn’t read an article because I was out of free ones. I just e-mailed their subscription department to hopefully get this changed because I am not a “new” subscriber now. :(


By the way, if you didn’t notice it, The Washington Post has a new slogan…

The Post decided to come up with a slogan nearly a year ago, long before Trump was the Republican presidential nominee, senior executives said. The paper hasn’t had an official slogan in its 140-year existence, although it did get some mileage with a long-running advertising tag­line, “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.”[/quote]

The goal of the paper’s slogan, the document said, would be to communicate that The Post “has a long-standing reputation for providing news and information with unparalleled analysis and insight. . . . Our position must be conveyed ‘disruptively’ so we can shake consumers out of their news-as-commodity mindset.”[/quote]


Sorry if this is cluttering the thread but I’m trying to understand why the NY Times is undeserving. I read this today:


Because The Concourse/Deadspin has a lot of room to talk?


This is apropos to nothing, but I just felt to urge to confess that every time I see the name Deadspin I immediately think of the Meatspin gif that a jerkoff on the TF2 server I frequented sprayed all over the walls in the game.

Fuck that guy, man. Right outside the spawn room door, the fucking animal.


True, they are /#Fakenews SAD!


I like (sniff) the Gawker brand of snark. :(


It’s undeniably true that the New York Times Op-Ed columnists are terrible. But all regular Op-Ed columnists are “terrible” to some extent. It’s the nature of the work; it’s a personal “take” and is not designed to display information in a neutral fashion or to be maximally appealing to as many readers as possible. (But I’m making no excuses for Douthat; he’s an embarrassment.)

Where the article goes off the rails is when it attempts to frame the importance of bad Op-Ed columns:

This is completely untrue, and has never been remotely close to being true.*

*: Like, I guess one time super early in the Bush administration Krugman did some difficult math and realized that the Republican tax plan “accidentally” contained a loophole giveaway to the rich so large that not even Republicans would defend it. So bully to him for banging the drum on that. But as great as Krugman’s economic work is, his op-ed columns are usually terrible. Because they’re op-ed columns.


NYT is 50% off for a year sub to any of the 3 subscriber levels.


I tried to read a WP article but I had run out of free articles and they offered me 1 year access for $19! Score!


By the way, this is this is auto-renewing but it’s $19 every year so it sounds like a good deal to get on as we’re going to have a lot of reading to do over the next 4 years.


Thanks for the heads up! I just subscribed, it’s a great deal (came out to $26 CAD after conversion). And I love how they support Apple Pay for the subscription. Made it the easiest purchase I’ve ever made online.


I’m sorry Tom, but it is official:

Sarah Palin is over.
E-Warren is the new hotness.


What’s your mojo? All they ever offer me is the 99 bucks a year deal.


Like Canuck I hit the end of my allotted stories for the month. I’m also outside the US, as is he (I believe he’s in Japan and I’m in Canada). Finally, I’d previously looked at their subscription page but backed out when I saw the cost. Perhaps they’re doing some kind of analytics there and tracking those who do that, and making a better offer? That’s all I can think to suggest.