The Winter Steam Sale of our discontent (or not!)

Daily Deal

Metal Gear Rising 19.99
Monaco 5.99
Space Hulk 10.19
Stanley Parable 8.99
Batman: Arkham Origins 24.99
Dishonored 7.49
Bioshock Infinite 9.99
Assetto Corsa 29.99
Dead Island GOTY 4.99

Flash Deal
Divekick 2.49
The Typing of the Dead Overkill 9.99
CS: GO 3.74
Guns of Icarus 3.74

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Stanley only for me today, what’s everyone else nabbing?

Most of the stuff I really want is still in early access (Might and Magic X, Age of Decadence, Wasteland 2, etc.) but there are a few things I’d like to get. Those things ARE discounted, but not daily or flash sales, so I’ll hold off until they (hopefully) are. I’m tempted to pick up Typing of the Dead Overkill for $10 though, anyone know if that’s worth getting?

TotD is amusing enough as a single-player game as long as you don’t mind the story being extremely silly (even by HotD standards) and the dialogue being highly profane. Plenty of zombies to kill and the dictionary has been amusing enough in my time so far.

The online coop leaves something to be desired, though. Can’t say I recommend it if that would be your main draw.

I got two the Star Wars Pinball Balance of the Force and Ms. Splosion Man tables, since they were marked down 75%, and also picked up Metal Gear Rising. Never played any of the Metal Gear games, but DmC left me wanting more crazy brawling action on PC, and Castlevania turned out to be a bit of a letdown.

After secret santa joy, I’m super interested in the Crusader Kings II DLCs (at least the major expansions; the cosmetic stuff doesn’t seem as essential, nor does it affect actual gameplay AFAIK). I’ll just have to hope that if that stuff does go on sale, that it does so after my paycheck hits early next week, lol.

I saw it was on sale on Amazon, but I’d prefer to keep all this stuff on Steam as much as possible >.>

Between Steam , GMG , and Amazon , I’ve already spent over $25 this is going to be one painful 2 week sale period.

I believe you Steam keys with the CKII stuff on amazon - note the system requirements and the FAQ on the CKII page there. The base game is $10, which is a great deal, and most of the DLC seems to be 75%, though not the most recent expansion.

For CK2, the only place you won’t get Steam codes is Gamersgate. Everyone else sells the Steamworks version.

Not sure of the details but I believe paradox has only recently given steam keys to all gamersgate owners of CK2 as a good will gesture (or perhaps they are planning to integrate steamworks into ck2?).

Man, I sure hope Steam doesn’t go belly up in the future, or I will lose a shit ton of software :(

Arkham Origins will be $19.99 on on 12/24-12/26.

Is there any chance of Starbound going on-sale during this week? I know, I know, it is only $15 but I require two copies and I’m cheap :) I’ve been telling my son to hold his allowance money until this sale commences/ends.

Its currently that price on GMG with their 20% code. AND you earn 10cents GMG credit. TEN CENTS CREDIT!


I hadn’t noticed, but you’re absolutely right. Fun.

Already picked up The Typing of the Dead. I figure it’s not going to get cheaper than on a flash sale.

No, we don’t have them yet. Or I don’t anyway… :)

But that is the plan, yes. The recent CK2 patch was the last that will support Gamersgate. Paradox have said that it takes too many resources to support both, so they are dropping Gamersgate and providing owners of that version with Steam keys.

EU4 is 50% off on Steam, but get it on Amazon or from Paradox where it is 75% off. Is it worth it at $10? Very tempted.


Is it worth $10? Its worth the full $40!

Haha, fair enough. I need to get it if for any other reason than for the next expansion (the random New World one).

You could buy a four-pack and find buyers for the other two. It works out to $11.25 per person.