The Witcher spoiler thread

Just figured now that the game’s in wider distribution (should have started hitting stores yesterday) and since Kunikos et al couldn’t keep themselves from tossing out spoilers about the foozle (I haven’t even gotten there yet!) in the other thread, here’s a spoiler dealie.

I thought the story was great, for what it’s worth. The little twist at the end took me quite by surprise. I definitely enjoyed the ending more than the one in the NWN2 expansion.

Ah, but you only got ONE of three endings :)

I liked the part where the robotic hippopotamus attacks you in his cybercar, but grabbing onto the helicopter skid afterwards was kind of a pain.

Re: my comments in the other thread. The difficulty of the battle against the Beast is dependant on how you judge in the “trial” beforehand. The difference is … vast. Very very cool.

Care to elaborate? I would assume that if you turned Abigail over to the townspeople then she wouldn’t be available to help you in the fight, making it harder.

I do like that everyone including Abigail are at the very best not at all nice people. If you want to be critical then they are all complete bastards.

Yep, and based on reading The Last Wish, is very much in keeping with the spirit of the original works.

Regarding The Trial and The Beast. Think like Judge Dredd. Everyone is guilty. Everyone. The Beast seems to know this. Read Berengar’s notes and it will indirectly tell you what you must do in order to be able to slay The Beast. And it seems everyone gets what’s coming to them, either way.

Man, I fuckin love this game.

You know, I think I lost Berengar’s notes somewhere. I read them once but when I went looking for them again the next night I couldn’t find them anywhere in my inventory.

OK Kevin. This IS a spoiler thread after all.

Abigail is also guilty. Remember the Odo-doll in her hut for instance? And possibly she was the one that performed the necessary ritual to summon the Beast. When you meet her in the cave beforehand she is prepared to kill the whole village. So they burn her at the stake. You meet The Beast, the villagers helps you fight off the Barghests. The Beast did not do that pain-inflicting thing on me and I cut him down, pretty easily. Most of the village got wiped out. Maybe all of it. There are bodies everywhere.

Next playthrough I’ll try to save her butt, it seems like you can.

Damn, that’s pretty badass. I’ll have to reload my save just to see it.

Really love this game.

It was the foozle of Chapter 1, so calm down.

I said to the villagers that she didn’t summon the Beast, as that’s what the kid said in his vision, then I said that Abigail may have used the voodoo doll to make Odo kill his brother. I did say that the priest and the merchant were guilty, though. Afterwards I told Abigail that I “chose the lesser evil” because she was selling poison to people in the village (which is how the girl Mikail raped got the poison to commit suicide). Abigail helps you fight the baghests but afterwards you have to kill all the main villagers (priest, odo, merchant) except for the guard Mikail. I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get to kill him.

Yes, yes, I know :). I needed to halt the spoiling before it got out of hand.

The only issue with this thread is that it’s an open license for people looking for early game spoilers to get burned by late game spoilers.

If only we had spoiler tags…

Just a suggestion, but in the future label the thread as “Chapter 1-2 ONLY” or such. This is what I did for MOTB and it helped until the game had been out for several weeks. Then I changed the OP to say, Ch1-2, etc.

Or you can create a separate thread for Chapter 2, 3 or whatever spoilers.

Edit: The thing that sucks is that threads cannot be renamed if they are older than a certain amount.

Hmmm, I missed the fire sign in ch 1 I wonder if it’s going to cause any problems later.

Killing plants will be harder for ya. That’s what I’ve used it for. I’ve not gotten very far though. Btw, it’s in the Ghoul crypt in the Outskirts. I recently found the Protection Sign Stone Thingy in the Swamp.

Am looking for someone to give me a reason to put the stones in their place in the Swamp. Anyone feel like giving a hint?

There is another place to get the fire sign in the city. As for the stones in the swamp you’ll have to be more specific. I’m past that part but I’m unsure what you’re asking.