The XBOX One

New MS Statement on DRM and Connection Requirements

Old MS Statements
Connection requirements (no longer in effect)
Game Licensing (no longer in effect)
Kinect Privacy (still applies)

That’s right, it’s a new thread for the Xbox∞, Nextbox, Xbox4, Xbox720, and/or The New Xbox. (name pending). ^H^H^H XBOX One.

To type ∞, do alt-236 on windows or option-5 on OSX. It’s fun!

Live streams of the announcement:

On your Xbox360 dashboard
Live Event app on your Windows Phone 8 (seems unlikely, but OK)

I’m going with “XBOX” in all-caps. That’s the big twist on the new name.






I understand MS is holding the event in Redmond because they’re planning to do a bunch of behind the scenes tours for journalists in the Xbox labs. I predict they may whip out the “group of rebels inside the company had to fight against stodgy management because they were so passionate about what the new system needed to be” narrative they use every time they want to make a product seem cool.


Here’s the schedule the media attendees have after the presentation:

Normally, I’d expect pointed questions about the manufacturing process (IE Red Ring Issue and what MS is doing differently this time) but I doubt we’ll get any real answers.

I am following the thing in youtube IGN stream. Hope it works**

I have googled “Next generation” games. I have found this image.

Le derp.

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**SPOILER: it works… poorly. Gonna find a better one. Thanks stusser for the linkfarm.

Guess I’m not going to Spitfire for lunch today.

My alt 236: “ý”



My bold prediction, they’re gonna trot out the cool Gen-Y girl with a gym bag to introduce the console again. Remember her?

Go back in time!

Edit: It’s ALT-236 on US american keyboards, might be different if you use another localization.

That IGN youtube link just destroys my chrome and makes it unresponsive for some reason.

Works fine with Firefox (and a bunch of other tabs open).

That’s gotta be rough.

I’m just using the link. My feeling is MS has plenty of bandwidth to stream the announcement.

But it’s only the third Xbox.


But then you don’t get to listen to a couple of IGN dudes nattering with Peter Molyneux!


All I can think of is that Hey Man, Nice Shot song from Filter while listening to the music on the Xbox site.