The XBOX One


Hmm, could be

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Lego Movie The Videogame
Slenderman The Arrival?


I’d peg that as Saints Row The Third but the other two sound right.


Yeah, I think you’re right about those two, especially since the Lego Movie sequel is coming out next month - not sure about Slenderman. Possible, though. What could the “W” game be, Walking Dead?


Game Pass updates are such a letdown. At least get my hopes up with backwards compatibility updates!


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Looks like they just added We Happy Few to Game Pass. I was intrigued by the premise and art style, but the bad reviews put me off. Guess I’ll get to try it for myself, now. Have they updated it at all since release to address any of the criticisms?


Oh and the “S” game turned out to be Saints Row the Third, which I thought was already on Game Pass. Well ok then.


I thought the same with Shadow of Mordor that they’re adding, too, but I think it’s just that they were given away as GwG a while back.


Interesting, we get a Wednesday back compat announcement:


We Happy Few got a lot better with the most recent updates, IMHO.


This is exactly what I wanted to hear. What changed? Can you point me to a synopsis of the changes somewhere?


Basically they’re up to v1.6 as of December, with a cubic buttload of bug, balance, and mission fixes. Plus a lot of the initial disappointed reaction was to the “Game Preview” version, which was really just a taster and probably would have been better not to release because it only had the game’s prologue and then just dropped you in the world to explore aimlessly.


Just in case anyone here was wondering, there had been an announcement a short while back that all new Life Is Strange 2 episodes would appear at launch in Game Pass. You may have noticed that while episode 1 is available there, episode 2 is not. Xbox has clarified that situation:


And for today’s backward compatibility announcement, a whole lotta Command and Conquer:


Any of those good? I haven’t played a Command and Conquer game since a PlayStation 1 port of the first game (I think).


I hope this means they’re heading to the EA Access Vault soon


I never played any C&C games on Xbox, it just never occurred to me when they seem designed for PC, or at least mouse and keyboard. But then I would have said the same thing about Diablo at one point so who knows.


They’re great!

…on PC.


I first played the original Diablo when it was a PSone port back in 1998 and it played pretty well. Then Diablo II on PC then back to a console with III. They control pretty well on a controller.


Yeah, I can’t imagine them with a controller.